Rumors About Natalie Portman's Marvel Breakup Are Debunked by the MCU Boss

Rumors About Natalie Portman's Marvel Breakup Are Debunked by the MCU Boss ...

Natalie Portman was unaware that Jane Foster was used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe prior to her early retirement. Thor: The Dark World was regarded as one of the worst MCU films, but it also allegedly sparked a breakup between the actress and Marvel.

It wasn't surprising to see Portman returning on the stage of the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019.

However, in a recent interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige claimed that he never had any reservations about Portman's return, and that he never saw her return as a possibility.

Portman isn't too far gone.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked why the studio and Natalie Portman had parted ways in a way that seemed irrevocable. Feige responded that the situation"didn't feel that way to him],"and that "it was [his] impression that if it was an interesting role, she would be a game."

Portman has stated in previous interviews that she's "now in the business of impressing her kids" and that she doesn't know whether or not she can "surpass this."

Taika Waititi, the director who was writing Thor: Love and Thunder, didn't intend to include Jane Foster or a female Thor, but he thought, "It would be cool and very unexpected to bring Jane back into the storyline?" So Waititi went to Portman's house and pitched his idea to her.

Portman admitted that she was unsurprised, saying, "It wasn't all that surprising that there was a desire" to bring her back. However, what "fully" enthused her was "that she becomes The Mighty Thor."

The thought of making a film was unbelievably shocking. It was equally exciting to watch her become The Mighty Thor. It felt like something new in the way of making this type of film, and what exactly I was going to get to do.

But, rather than Love And Thunder being driven by the new Thor's identity, as in the comic, it'd be about how and why Jane has suddenly become The Mighty Thor. Feige teased that "it's quite accurate to many aspects of the comic," before stating that only someone like Waititi is capable of navigating "the comedic and the tragic so close together" when it comes to the kind of turn the movie employees make:

Taika's transition between fun rock and roll and what Jane is doing is one of my favourite scenes of the film. It's the kind of transition that only Taika can make, to navigate the comedic and the tragic so close together.

Encouraging the Future or a One-Time Reunion?

Portman's main reason for resigning might have been money, but it does help that she was given the opportunity to be a superhero as well. And as Portman said, becoming a superhero and not just a civilian love interest would intrigue her children.

Feige's statement about Waititi's ability to marry comedy and tragedy together in Love and Thunder is encouraging, insbesondere since the Thor: Ragnarok sequel will apparently follow the author's origin of The Mighty Thor, in which Jane Foster is diagnosed with cancer.

When Thor: Love and Thunder enters cinemas this week, fans will have to see whether Waititi's concept works or not.

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