Why Is Thor: Love and Thunder the Best Thor Film Yet? (Review)

Why Is Thor: Love and Thunder the Best Thor Film Yet? (Review) ...

With the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise will make his eighth solo film since 2011, bringing more action and emotion than any previous solo Thor film to date.

A stellar cast of characters returning from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, including director Taika Waititis Korg and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, are expected in this film. Although she will reprise her role as The Mighty Thor, another Marvel Comics villain, the movie will focus on her.

This is the last Marvel Studios film to be officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, having shockedfans with every new announcement that has been made over the previous three years. From the introduction of the Marvel gods to confirmed roles for the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor's fourth solo film has a chance of being the greatest of the group.

Waititi and his crew made a case withThor: Love and Thunder this time around, especially considering this was the shortest MCU film since 2019 at just one hour and 59 minutes.

What exactly is in store for Hemsworth, Waititi, and the rest of the cast and crew as fans prepare to witness Marvel Studios' 29th theatrical release?

A-List Actors' A-List Performances

Even outside of the major team-up films from the Avengers series, almost every new Marvel Studios film includes an amalgamation of the top names in Hollywood. Love and Thunder also features some of the most memorable performances in recent memory from one of the most prominent MCU cast members.

Chris Hemsworth, the star of the show, is at the top of the list, bringing more experience than he has ever demonstrated in his role as the God of Thunder.

Hemsworth gets the chance to explore different aspects of his hero's personality that haven't been shown in previous films. His promise of being funnier than ever came through very clearly when the story required a more serious and emotionally nuanced effort from the lead character.

Christian Bale, who is stepping up from his years of excellence as Batman to a terrifying and haunting rendition of Gorr the God Butcher, is on the other side of the equation.

Bale's main antagonist gets to work on a narrative that will make fans understand why he's on a warpath against the gods, like Thor's. Alongside that, the Hollywood veteran brings the same energy seen in his previous films like American Psycho and delivers an understated yet truly frightening character that threatens everything in his path throughout the story.

Natalie Portman may be the show's star with her take on the MCU's Mighty Thor, despite the hero and villain excelling.

Portman excels as a Jane Foster who doesn't necessarily have her life under control in her previous two Thor franchise appearances, bringing the story to the big screen about as effectively as she can.

Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Russell Crowe (Zeus) help expand the mythology of the gods and the legacy of Asgard. The Guardians of the Galaxy have also their chance to shine, fitting perfectly into Taika Waititi's humor during battle.

Fans will not be disappointed on the acting front because there isn't enough time to talk about every single single star who excels in this film.

Ragnarok 2.0 - Hilarious and Emotional

Many were unsure how Taika Waititi's unique style of cinemamaking would fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although it turned out to be a smash hit. Now, after being selected for Ragnarok, Love and Thunder is the film that Waititi himself wishes to direct, and it delivers in numbers.

The fourth Thor film, like Ragnarok, does justice to the theme of comedy. It makes fans laugh without feeling too heavy or dissatisfied with the story.

What makes this film even better than Ragnarok is its lack of funny moments.

Waititi brings a level of heart and emotion beyond what the narrative allows for naturally, allowing his actors to explore new highs and lows as Team Thor embarks on their latest life-threatening journey. The dialog and the actionwork flow almost seamlessly with the narrativethat Waititi created after breaking the mold with Ragnarok, and it expandsnaturally on everything that came in that third film.

There will be a straightforward and enjoyable transition into what this new adventure brings to the table for those who enjoyed Ragnarok.

The Thors Story Has Come Full Circle

Because this is Thor's fourth solo MCU film, it's easy to say that it should feel like a follow-up to everything that preceded it. However, Thor: Love and Thunder ties everything together much more than many fans would anticipate.

Love and Thunder follows Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame in several ways, highlighting all the major characters who have been introduced in the few years since. Throughout the film's opening scene, the narrative meshes seamlessly with Thor's latest challenge in Gorr the God Butcher.

Several scenes, aided by Natalie Portman's return, bring back fond memories of what happened in 2011's Thor and 2013's Thor: The Dark World.

Jane Foster is unmistakably clear that she was there before seeing the effects of Thanos' actions in Infinity War and Endgame. Her cancer narrative fits very nicely with her professional background as an astrophysicist, and with her playing such a prominent role in this film, it adds to the whole quadrilogy.

Love and Thunder will only serve to extend the God of Thunder's legacy for fans who have followed him since his debut way back in Phase 1.

Colors on the Comic Book Pages Bring the Night to Life

Many have chastised Marvel films for failing to bring the kind of color and visual spectacle that is familiar in Marvel Comics. Thor: Love and Thunder takes that effort to new heights on every level.

Love and Thunder seems to be a comic book come to life in its purest terms, with special mention to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's comic run on Thor, which inspired this film.

New Asgard is resurrected after its residents regenerated, with its tourist attractions bringing a fresh palette of colors and excitement thanks to cruise ships and local shopping destinations. Omnipotent City, the home of Russell Crowe's Zeus and his pantheon of gods, also offers some stunning sights as Thor and his crew explore an unexplored part of the universe.

And, even when there are no colors other than black and white, the film maintains that simple palette to perfection.

Thor goes up against Gorr the God Butcher in a second trailer, which works wonderfully in terms of colors and how it is tied back to the story at hand. Both Waititi and the special effects used throughout the film add to the story without causing too much trouble.

Love and Thunder is a top-notch Marvel project on the visual front.

Is Love and Thunder a Marvel Standard?

The Thor franchise has sometimes struggled to keep up with its MCU companions, but its fourth installment should be viewed mostly as a memorable one, especially for a hero who has been around for so long.

It succeeds on many fronts by acknowledging the past while establishing a bright future, laying into stone that Thor is as vital to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's longevity as any other hero in the game. Taika Waititi's second Marvel project stands well both on its own and as part of the wider expanding universe, and it already has fans eagerly anticipating what Marvel Studios will achieve.

Regardless of its place in MCU history, this film simply stands as a fantastic Thor story, taking everything from Thor: Ragnarok and elevating it to new levels.

As one of the greatest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, Hemsworth and his crew should get the same attention this time.

On July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in cinemas.

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