Season 5 of Stranger Things is making a significant shift from Season 4

Season 5 of Stranger Things is making a significant shift from Season 4 ...

The Duffer Brothers are probably quite optimistic about the season 5 finale of Stranger Things, which will end up being much shorter than season 4. However, the series as a whole would be more enjoyable for fans, regardless of how drawn out it may be.

Stranger Things' final two seasons have been dropped by Netflix (while doing so on their own platform), but fans of the hit horror series still have one thing to look forward to: season 5. Stranger Things' penultimate, especially bloody season has set up a pretty big climax for the series, but the Duffer Brothers are willing to admit one thing: Season 5 will not be filled with the gigantic movie-length episodes that characterized season 4.

Matt Duffer did state that Stranger Things season 5 (and the entire series) would be feature film length. While it is true that a series that has built up as much mythology and drama as this one might require a lot of runtime to finish things off in a single sitting, some episodes just need to be watched in one sitting. Whether he means that season 5 will begin exactly where we left Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the whole gang, or whether there will only be a brief gap of

The Stranger Things season 5 finale was described as being similar to The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, in that there would be like, eight endings, according to Matt Duffer. It's strange to think that the Duffer Brothers are preparing to bring viewers back for the Stranger Things finale, notwithstanding how long it takes to finish the series.

Stranger Things will be the culmination of one of the most powerful Netflix series ever, which is both assisting them with large viewer numbers and shutting the door on their prize pig. Big Red has to be breathing a sigh of relief that they will get a Squid Game season 2, at least for the time being.

Stranger Things season 5 isn't set to be released until 2024, although it's possible that the show will be a little slower to watch for fans, even if there are increasingly horrific and horrible things happening to the characters we've come to know.

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