Winona Ryder and David Harbours Season 4 Kiss Wasnt Scripted, Stranger Things Writers Reveal

Winona Ryder and David Harbours Season 4 Kiss Wasnt Scripted, Stranger Things Writers Reveal ...

Joyce and Hopper shared a second epic kiss in Stranger Things season 4, which they can only thank Winona Ryder and David Harbour for. This kiss was never planned, but Winona and David added it on the day of filming, as revealed by the Stranger Things writers in a July 2 tweet.

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Winona and David added the kiss on the day of filming This kiss was not scripted.

In episode 7 of Stranger Things season 4, Joyce and Murray traveled heaven and earth to rescue their friend after Joyce received a Hopper secret message. They returned to the house to destroy the particles inside, only to return to the place later on in the Upside Down.

Hopper agreed to serve as a bait for the demo-monsters in the labor camp in the finale. Joyce was understandably concerned about Hoppers' safety. She didnt want to lose him again. I'll die someday, but not today. I still have a date to make, remember? Hopper said to Joyce.

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Joyce replied, "I don't know, Hop." Hopper promised her that this time it'll be different. She refused to have another funeral for Hopper. Hopper tenderly kissed Joyce's face. The Duffer Brothers, the actors who also directed the finale, let that perfect kiss happen.

Murray torched the monsters with a flamethrower, and Hopper decapitated that one final Demogorgon.

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Eleven had an emotional reunion with Hopper, while Joyce reunited with Will and Jonathan. Hawkins was left in ruin when Vecna opened the fourth gate to the Upside Down. The Upside Down infiltrated the small Indiana town in the final moments.

Eleven, Mike, Will, Nancy, Hopper, and Joyce looked down at Hawkins with fear in their eyes. Stranger Things will return on Netflix for a fifth and final season.

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