Morbius Was Put On A Game Boy Color By Someone

Morbius Was Put On A Game Boy Color By Someone ...

We cant decide whether or not this is superior to puttingDoom on a thermostat. Either way, this is a technological marvel (no pun intended). This isnt the best way to see the film, or even an acceptable way. It just makes sense, given the films meme status.

Wulff Den, the filmmaker, is well-known for putting movies on Game Boy cartridges. It's a funny reaction to filmmakers being pretentious about how they treat themselves. The first film he produced wasTenet, the Christopher Nolan film.

Wulff Den was faced with a few difficulties with ForMorbius. It's only possible to make 36 cartridges to hold the entire film, though, and it's enough of the film that you get to hear Jared Leto say his famous catch: It's Morbin time!

Wulff Den's explanation of the process can be seen here. And if you want to see Morbius on a slightly bigger screen, the film is already available for rent or purchase on several digital platforms.

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