Avatar 4 and 5 may not be directed by James Cameron

Avatar 4 and 5 may not be directed by James Cameron ...

James Cameron's years-long commitment to hisAvatar franchise was easily one of the most extreme and massively ambitious ever attempted for a major film series. The first of these,Avatar: The Way of Water, was released this winter, and the three subsequent sequels are scheduled to follow every other Christmas season until 2028.

Cameron has already dedicated years and years to the projects, and he is already noticing that maintaining this load may not be feasible for another six years, according to his friend.

Here is what he stated exactly:

TheAvatarfilms themselves are quite a laborious undertaking. Ive got some other projects I am working on that are exciting. Eventually over time Ill want to pass the baton to a director that I trust to take over. Or maybe not.

It wouldnt be the first time Cameron gave his directors the chair to another filmmaker. He planned to directAlita: Battle Angel for years, but became so engrossed with theAvatarsequels that he decided to let Robert Rodriguez direct the film himself. (Cameron still co-produced and co-wrote the film.)

This could be good news for someone who loves James Cameron but doesn't likeAvatar, since it suggests he may have other plans before 2030. On the other hand, you would never want him to hand the reins to someone else right before the end. That's utterly horrifying.

Cameron himself claims to know nothing of what will happen. A lot could be different in the movie world between then and now. First things first: Avatar: The Way of Water will be released exclusively on December 16, 2022.

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