Why Is It Important to Have Good Sleep As a New Mom Plus, Tips On How To Do It

Why Is It Important to Have Good Sleep As a New Mom Plus, Tips On How To Do It ...

After countless nights of feedings, days of trying to remember what day it was, and thinking, Oh my gosh, I need a facial... or a Gatorade...or both. Partly because I was sleeping it wasn't straight-through, uninterrupted, I-don't-have-a-care-in-the-world kind of sleep, the very interrupted kind.

Poor sleep results in a lack of concentration, memory, emotional strength, and immune system. Many new parents, particularly mothers, have been taught that they must go through and sleep on far less sleep than they need, and that we must do it all, according to Dr. Harvey Karp, a pediatrician, child development expert, and inventor of the SNOO. The only normal family is a couple of parents, a child, four grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the neighbors next door, because it used to be

Dr. Karp and Alicia Yoon, an esthetician, mother, and founder/CEO of Peach & Lily, talked more about this topic recently. I learned a lot from it.

Find out more about this connection and some actionable suggestions you may add to your own routine to improve sleep (and skin).

How does sleep affect your skin?

According to Alicia Yoon, sleep is extremely important to your skin. Cortisol is released as a result of the stress of the day and that, combined with lack of sleep, can result in many skin problems, such as breakouts, even if you are not a regular sufferer. This causes your sebaceous glands to produce more oil and hold onto dead skin cells.

Dehydration results in uneven skin appearance, as well as overprotective mylanocytes (the protective pigment in your skin) causing hyperpigmentation and dark spots, according to Yoon. This demonstrates how essential sleep is for your skin to become the healthy organ it desires to be.

The bad news is that the solution isnt a costly cream or laser therapy. It's just better sleep. And the strategies for getting it will help you long after your baby has learned to snooze through the night.

1.Make white noise.

While some parents are so tired they forget to fall asleep the minute their head hits the pillow, other people find they cant seem to shut off their brains. In that instance, Dr. Karp recommends using an app on your phone or a special white-noise machine to sleep. In most cases, lower-pitched static tones are easier to fall asleep to than high-pitched tones.

2.Do breathing exercises.

Box breathing is a technique in which you breathe in slowly as you count to four (in your head), breathe out slowly for four seconds, and repeat until you feel relaxed.

3.Try listening to a meditation app.

Before bed, using a meditation app, likeHeadspace, might help you clear your head and go into a more peaceful sleep without a million thoughts racing through your head. Initial studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness can improve sleep quality and insomnia.

Turn down the lights.

Turn down the lights an hour or so before bed. According to Dr. Karp, blue light works by preparing the brain for sleep, while blue light from] screens and television can actually stimulate us.

5.Take melatonin.

If none of the above options help, Dr. Karp suggests taking 3 milligrams of melatonin, which the brain naturally begins to produce as the lights dim an hour before bed, if you need to get your brain to sleep more naturally. Good news: melatonin is also safe to take while breastfeeding.

6.Have a foot bath.

There are a lot of foot soaks that are useful in Korean culture. Yoon says mugwort helps to get blood flowing and helps to relieve swelling, but it also helped me fall asleep quicker.

7.Take a massage.

Try giving yourself a massage before bed to calm your mind. Yoon swears by this heated massager with rolling balls that helps alleviate neck and shoulder tension caused by holding her baby all day. It drapes over your neck and helps calm you as well.

8.Focus on technology.

Ok, let's be honest: You may not be able to bring a village to help you raise your child, but there may be products that can. The SNOO is a smart bassinet that honestly acts as the best babysitter, soothing your baby with white noise and movement that increases as their crying grows.

Yes, the SNOO isn't cheap: it's $1,595 when you purchase it, but you can lease it for $159 a month, which turns out to be less than a Starbucks drink a day. And if it's intended to help you get more sleep, then consider the possibility.

9.Fake it till you make it.

The best way to look rested is through hydration, according to Yoons. There are 60 in there, and they are great because they contain different hydrators, fat acids, and minerals.

She recommends the Peach & Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist, which contains hyaluronic acid at three different molecular weights and beta glucan, so the hydration is then locked into the skin. When your skin isn't looking great, helping yourself feel better with certain products goes a long way.

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Carly Cardellino, a Rompers beauty contributor, writes a bi-monthly column entitled Resting Mom Face.

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