A New Lead Suspect Has Been Appeared Only In The Building

A New Lead Suspect Has Been Appeared Only In The Building ...

Bunny Folger is dead; long live Bunny Folger. At least, that's the premise of the third episode of Season 2 of Only Murders In The Buildings, which focused on the Arconias previous board president and revealed an odd suspect in Bunny's replacement president.

Warning: There Are Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 3 is a followup. The episode, titled The Last Day of Bunny Folger, is a complete recap of Bunny's last day, from her morning wake-up to her usual routines around the city and building.

But viewers will first notice that Bunny's last day as board president isn't just any day for her. Regardless of what happened, Nina was revealed to be scheduled to begin her term before Bunny's death.

Bunny sounded like a mean old bat in her final days, but her last day showed she was a person with a big heart. Uma was told by Bunny that she would move, and she was a badass, hot-wiring the elevator when it got stuck. She thanked the podcasters for saving the building in the spirit they gave her. It hurt her when they rejected her and didnt invite her to celebrate.

Bunny was also giving away money as part of her planned departure, handing her usual diner server, Ivan, a massive wad of cash as she told him to follow his DJ dreams. She also said something unexpectedly heartbreaking to Ivan, saying: If you only love one thing and that one thing disappears, youre left with nothing, and that sucks.

Bunny declared that she would not seek re-employment until she got to Boca. She hated the heat. She tried to organize a meeting to discuss Amy Schumers' non-permitted renovations of her old apartment. When Nina tried to halt the party, Bunny admitted she did not want to.

Nina threw her weight behind Bunny's heart, forcing Howard to read the minutes from the November meeting, proving that Bunny was right to choose a replacement, and Nina began to rant, accusing Bunny of only being board president because her mother was before her. Bunny was also preventing the Arconia from moving into the 21st century.

Nina hoped to support Bunny's objectives of conserving the Arconia, and this revelation that Nina had just stated what Bunny desired to hear before she took office was excessive. Bunny declared she would not let Nina take charge, calling her a baby bumpy b*tch.

Bunny died not long after. And right now, all signs indicate Nina to be the murderer.

Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building is still available on Hulu, with new episodes available every Tuesday.

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