If you have a spare $10,000, you may now pre-order an Apple iphone 14

If you have a spare $10,000, you may now pre-order an Apple iphone 14 ...

Although anticipation for the Iphone 14, we can say with some certainty that Apple has not begun pre-orders for the device. However, that does not necessarily mean that energized customers will not have the opportunity to place their income where their mouth is if they have purchased more than enough of the stated income.

Caviar's Iphone 14 collection is now available, with 13 extravagantly high priced spins on Apple's upcoming smartphone, starting from the $9,500 Champagne Rose model, which includes stingray leather and titanium, through to a $22,620 Gold Champagne Crystal model, which includes hundreds of gold diamonds as well as nine diamonds.

The majority of these units are limited-run units, with only 99 or so units being produced. You can choose whether or not to acquire an Apple iphone 14 Professional or Pro Max edition, the latter increasing the rate by even more.

It's understandable to point out that the iPhones shown in these pictures are most likely not to the Apple iphone 14's appearance, which is mostly inspired by the Apple iphone 13 Pro. Caviar is possible by using this cell as a placeholder to show off the patterns.

We have also seen the business create a $27,000 Steve Work Apple iphone, an $8,600 dinosaur Iphone (with actual fossil), a $6,900 Apple iphone made from primary iPhones, and quite a few more bonkers creations for people today with much too much money.

If you like these new models and have a lot of money to burn off, you may pre-order them right now, although it's not clear whether you'll acquire the cell phone as soon as the Iphone 14 goes on sale or afterwards.

Examine: this is probably not the only way to get an Iphone 14.

If you're super excited about the Iphone 14, but have a massive $10,000 in your pocket, you can easily ignore Caviars' choices.

If Apple follows its usual pattern of making them available for pre-buy a day or so prior to their release, the existence of these phones will not affect the availability of the last styles.

If you have the cash to purchase these high-priced iPhones or if you have run out of support staff or charities to donate to, you may be able to have the most luxurious cell youll ever see. However, there are in all likelihood much better items to acquire than a gold and diamond Iphone 14 Pro Max.

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