Zscaler gives security a shot of artificial intelligence

Zscaler gives security a shot of artificial intelligence ...

Zscaler, the security services edge (SSE) market leader, unveiled several new capabilities during its recent Zenith Live event, which is designed for businesses that want to achieve zero trust in the cloud and manage risk from cyberthreats. The news comes as Zscaler expands its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a unified cloud solution for businesses moving to the cloud.

Zscaler has announced AI and ML capabilities for the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, a security cloud that processes more than 200 billion daily transactions and protects 150 million attacks. SSE is a security service that allows users to connect to the web, cloud services, and private applications over any network.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI)/ML is critical here because the amount of data that security systems generate has long passed the stage at which individuals may leverage it to discover insights and threats.

Zscalers' AI-enabled zero trust platform allows enterprises to detect and prevent phishing threats. This allows users to analyze and resolve issues more quickly, allowing them to stay engaged.

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Zscaler joins CNAPP.

Zenith Live announced a new Posture Control solution that addresses cloud-native app threats earlier in the development process. With this software, Zscaler enters the cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) market, a term recently coined by Gartner to describe cloud native application architectures.

Posture Control extends Zscalers Workload Communications' security capabilities for secure cloud applications at runtime. Together, Posture Control and Workload Communications enhance cloud-native and virtual machine (VM)-based applications running on any service in any cloud, thus ensuring security for IT and devops teams.

Posture Control is able to identify multiple security threats that appear to be low-risk individually but could lead to greater dangers when combined. Zscaler integrates with development platforms such as VS Code, devops tools like GitHub, and all major cloud providers to give organizations more control.

AWS and Zscaler are expanding their collaboration.

AWS is another cloud provider that has established an extensive connection with Zscaler. Together, the two companies will now offer additional capabilities to organizations that want to streamline their cloud security operations. For example, Zscalers Posture Control is built and operated on AWS. Zscaler said it chose AWS as a cloud provider for the solution due to its scope of services, scale, reliability, and popularity with Zscalers customers.

Zscaler has also extended zero-trust security to AWS workloads using its Zero Trust Exchange platform. These include Gateway Load Balancer, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Auto Scaling. On top of that, the Zero Trust Exchange now protects workloads running on AWS Wavelength by providing zero trust access directly to devices connected to the mobile network.

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