SMOORE is the first company to initiate a pioneering research investigation into nicotine addiction

SMOORE is the first company to initiate a pioneering research investigation into nicotine addiction ...


SMOORE, the world's largest vape manufacturer, has announced the world's first real-time monitoring study on nicotine addiction.

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SMOORE's new research project is aimed at examining how best to minimize the nicotine strength in vaping products and ultimately to lower the levels that cause addiction.

The Shenzhen Neher Neural Plasticity Laboratory, founded by Nobel laureate Dr Erwin Neher, is the sixth lab in China named after a Nobel laureate and the first one dedicated to neuroscience. The research is focused on the human brain to better understand the causes of illness and addiction through modern neuroscience.

This combined effort will examine the secretion and metabolism of dopamine in animal brains, and will apply this information to a simulation of the human brain when ingesting nicotine. The lab will conduct controlled experiments by exposed the experimental subject under the aerosol conditions enabled by FEELMs atomization and the one of combustible tobacco.

The aim of the research is to reduce adult vapers' nicotine intake and nicotine dependency, as well as enhance the vaping experience through enhanced delivery.

Researchers working on the project will monitor the atomization of e-liquids to better understand how nicotine is distributed, absorption, and metabolism occurs in the human body. The research will also provide a better understanding of nicotine absorption through different organs to reveal sensory satisfaction experienced by vaping.

Dr Xiong Yuming, the deputy Dean of the SMOORE Shenzhen Fundamental Research Institute, said:

The atomization process between an e-cigarette and a combustible cigarette is quite different; thus, the physical and chemical properties derived from atomization and tobacco combustion also vary significantly.

Our research focuses on the underlying mechanisms of atomization and tobacco combustion, and aims to investigate nicotine delivery and absorption, in order to reduce the health impacts of these products.

Southwest University in Chongqing, China is providing funding for this ambitious project. A stage report on the different effects on the brains of nicotine in e-cigarettes and combustible tobacco is expected in the second half of 2022. FEELM aims to provide products that dont result in nicotine dependence by reducing the nicotine levels to as close to zero as possible.

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