In a viral TikTok video, Ezra Miller threatens to strike a shop employee

In a viral TikTok video, Ezra Miller threatens to strike a shop employee ...

After a video of the actor threatening to shoot out a retail employee who wanted to pose with them has surfaced online.

Here's all you need to know about it.

A 10-second clip shows a young man approaching Miller, probably in the hopes of taking a selfie with him. Miller appears to be talking with another person.

Miller tells the person behind the camera, always knock you out and then you will not have to panic if the Flash actor notices that they are being recorded.

I just wanted a picture of #theflash #fyp #reverseflash #cwflashisbetter #ezramiller.

Miller's interaction with the guy is brief. Miller reportedly stops filming after realizing the DC star was talking to him.

Peterknight2800, a user, outlined the post with a caption that said, "I just wanted a picture dawg."

Besides his hashtags and previous comments, the guy appears to be a fan of comic books. He once mentioned Batman's contingency plan as well as Reverse Flash.

In the comments, a TikTok user further explained the content of the video.

I asked them for a photo, and they said, "I was nervous to meet [them]," and he asked to knock me out so that I wouldn't get in any fear.

After the parents of an 18-year-old accused the actor of brainwashing their daughter, Ezra Miller has remained hidden from the public eye for the last couple of months.

Chase Iron Eyes' father spoke with Newsweek recently. He revealed that their daughter is believed to be staying with Miller.

After they filed a restraining order against Miller, Chase stated that he is concerned about Ezras' state of mind.

Tokata Iron Eyes, their daughter who now goes by Gibson, is speaking out in favor of the DC Comics star and claims the accusations to be outrageous.

While Miller was in Hawaii, he faced several criminal violations.

In June, a Wallflower star shared several memes on his official website.

One of them said, "You cannot touch me, I am in another universe."

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