I know: A friend of a footballer claims that Liverpool once attempted to sign exceptional talent

I know: A friend of a footballer claims that Liverpool once attempted to sign exceptional talent ...

Liverpool considered signing Rangers forward Steven Davis while Brendan Rodgers was in charge of Anfield, according to fellow Northern Ireland legend David Healy.

Davis will turn 38 when the next season comes to an end.

The fact that the Rangers had little hesitation in handing the ever-reliable string-puller a contract extension is a testament to Davis's timeless skill, his unwavering dedication, and his unwavering influence on and off the pitch.

Let's face it, if Steve had been Argentinian, Spanish, Italian, or French, journalists and people would be raving about him, according to Healy of the Ballymena Busquetts.

He would have gotten a better press. I know Brendan Rodgers had a little sniff when he was Liverpool manager, and he might have ended up signing Joe Allen around the same time.

If Steve had not been from Ballymena or Northern Ireland, he would have ended up getting one of the most impressive moves. That's how highly I rate him.

In the same summer, Liverpool paid 15 million to reunite Rodgers with his former Swansea City colleague Allan. Davis would join Southampton on a free transfer, after the Rangers were promoted to the fourth tier of Scottish football.

Davis has now won a league championship in two separate spells on the blue side of Glasgow, a decade apart.

Steve would always have a good chance to stay at Rangers. Healy is a phenomenal athlete and a brilliant man.

It's no surprise to me that he's staying at the Rangers. Whether he plays 80 percent of the games, I'm not sure, but he'll certainly add to them.

He still has that little bit of skill that will be required. When he is on it, he can play in really tight areas.

Steve knows and understands the football club. If a manager needs to speak up, he knows the dressing room inside out. Hes a managers dream and a players dream.

Davis played 33 games across 2021/22.

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