Kim Kardashian stuns in an 80s mullet hairstyle for a SKIMS photoshoot

Kim Kardashian stuns in an 80s mullet hairstyle for a SKIMS photoshoot ...

Kim Kardashian's latest look for the SKIMS photoshoot has everyone talking. The reality star who is well-known for experimenting with her hairstyle wore an 80s mullet hairstyle that made her appear unrecognizable.

Kim's transformation came with the release of SKIMS' new metallic swimsuit, which will be released soon. She also posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini from her previous collection, before revealing the funky look.

Kim Kardashian wears a mullet.

Kim has always wore any outfit she had.

After wearing a blonde hairdo during the Met Gala 2022, she was once again seen wearing light hair for her brands photo shoot.

She wore a super chic mullet while putting her curves on display in a metallic bikini.

Chris Appleton, her stylist on Instagram, revealed that he actually cut the hair himself to achieve the desired result. However, he did not specify whether he cut her real hair or did the same on a wig.

Reality star is unrecognizable

After seeing Kim's pictures from the SKIMS swim shoot, it would be difficult to tell a life-size Barbie doll apart.

One fan even mentioned under her picture that they couldnt tell it was Kim. At first glance, did not recognize Kim. She is stunning in every style and color, and she definitely rocks the 80s!! Read the comment.

Another wrote, Wow, she's like a barbie.

Is that Kim? Is she still alive? I can't seem to identify her, according to another.

When does the swim line drop?

Kim shared a couple more pictures from the same photoshoot and revealed that the SKIMS Metallic Swim collection will be released on Wednesday, July 6.

The SKIMS official Instagram has shared the release date for the collection at 9 AM / 12 PM ET.

It'll be available in both cut-out one-pieces and two-piece sets.

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