Microsoft is working on a lighter, faster Outlook app that should run like a dream

Microsoft is working on a lighter, faster Outlook app that should run like a dream ...

Microsoft's engineers are busy purchasing Outlook Lite, a new Android application for cheaper, lower-spec smartphones and tablets.

The information on the future release is minimal, but it is described in a new roadmap entry (opens in new tab): An Android application that offers Outlook's most significant advantages in a smaller application size with rapid performance for low-conclude devices on any network.

By the end of the month, the new e-mail app will be available to all Android users, according to the roadmap.

Outlook Lite for Android

The Lite version of Microsoft's Outlook e mail shopper for Android gadgets will focus on optimizing functionality, which must increase the practical experience for lower-conclusion and more economical devices.

The most significant significant difference between Android Central and Outlook Lite is that it only allows you to create a single account variety, which should be no concern for most low-stop Android customers.

According to the exact same article, some design tweaks have also made a significant impact on the less-used mail application, such as a revamped navigation bar at the base of the person interface, which is likely to replace the Search button with a Contacts button.

For many other low-overall performance applications that are currently available, such as Fb Lite and Google Go, certain characteristics are removed for the best experience on these low-end goods.

Outlook Lite appears to be doing most of its work on the back end, while also promising to reduce the amount of storage space that it requires in order to be installed.

Microsoft has questioned whether or not iOS purchasers may expect a similar Outlook re-operation in the long run.

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