Satisfy Delos' Newest Theme Park in Westworld Time 4, Episode 2

Satisfy Delos' Newest Theme Park in Westworld Time 4, Episode 2 ...

On Sunday, Westworld time 4 returned with a second episode, including bold murders, human exam topics, and even more bizarre references to a tower and a new Delos concept park. Is there any more epic revelation?

This is a handy overview of what transpired during this weeks facts-packed edition of Westworld. This means we have six more weeks to get through the hoopla.

Hale that is eerie

Charlores, the model of Hale outfitted with a copy of Delores' head, is back, and she's masterminding a system, but episode 2 will get Maeve and Caleb up to speed on Charlores' involvement, killing the genuine senator and putting Anastasia's fate in jeopardy.

I am not digging the savage William dupe who is doing work for Chalores #NotmyWilliam.

The subduing of well-known individuals wont be prevented by Whitney. Later in episode 2, William meets with host William at a golf course. (It would seem Hale killed and changed the senator because of an equivalent obstinance.) Just after sinking one particular-far too-quite a few eerie golf shots, William whacks him with a golfing club.

Delos is aided by Jim Navarro, the deputy assistant lawyer for counterterrorism, who tries (unsuccesfully) to interfere with him. She introduces herself as the man or woman carrying the present. She leaves him, and a fly crawls into his eye.

Chalores misplaced her human Charlottes son and husband in a fiery automobile explosion caused by time antagonist Engerraund Serac (Dolores is also form of inadvertently to blame for their fatalities), and in the time 3 finale, she tells human William it might be because she wants to keep in mind who you are.

Topics used in human testing

Anastasia (Senator Whitney's spouse) will not be destroyed on the spot, but her fate will likely be even worse. Some time later, Caleb and Maeve meet Anastasia in a barn and she kills a bunch of very poor horses. She lunges at Caleb, forcing Maeve to shoot her. Her altered psychological point out variety reminds me of what happened to the cartel-like business past episode?

This episode is further enthralled by the Peter mystery.

What is the significance of the tower?

Christina often sees a guy ranting about a tower on her commute to perform. In Sundays episode, the man says a music with no sound is coming from the tower, and no one can hear it except him and the birds. Christina moves on, but later discovers a swarm of useless birds outside her workplace.

Christina skips work and takes a look at the Hope Middle for Health, a clinic Peter's obituary claims he donated to immediately after his death (a reminder: Peter is the persistent caller who claimed he wrote him into a game and then jumped off a creating). Strangely, she discovers a tower on a wall.

Peter mentions a tower prior to his death in a previous weeks episode (he states both of those Christina and the tower are genuine). It's time to get started on your theories.

William is alive!

William, who was slit by host William in the post-credits of the previous season, is miraculously still alive. But should we really be surprised at this level of resurrection?

I'm glad to see him. William, while flawed, died in the previous season that was unbearable. Seeing host William this season as a soulless, pure-bred villain also made me skip the actual issue.

Chalores wakes human William up from a cryosleep and promises to keep him around to avoid becoming the loser. She states individuals created a hobby out of looking us, so she guarantees you people would not be capable of hurting us again. The flies, the zombified humans, and now this it appears like the Hales system is coming into play.

Delos's latest theme park.

The roaring 20s

Maeve and Caleb go to Delos' most recent attraction, a topic park built in the 20s, which William claims is a hint that the whole world came roaring back soon after war.

Thoughts about stray people

See all shots.

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