Katy Perry has been chastised for her 4th of July abortion tweet

Katy Perry has been chastised for her 4th of July abortion tweet ...

Katy Perry is one of those artists who carefully exercise her basic freedom, i.e., the right to maintain her position in any conflict. However, it has recently backfired on her as she was criticized for her July 4th abortion remark due to Caruso's support.

Katy Perry sent a tweet this holiday weekend to express her rage over the Roe v. Wade decision, but Twitter's response was limited to highlighting what it saw as hypocrisy.

The singer tweeted on Monday about the Fourth of July following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the historic decision, which basically outlawed abortions almost immediately in many states across the country.

Katy is being dragged to no end rather than praised for her pro-choice stance here, as many celebrities have been lately. And all this because she publicly supported Rick Caruso for the mayor of Los Angeles.

Baby youre a firework is a 10, but women in the United States have fewer rights than an actual sparkler smh.

KP is one of a group of well-known individuals to support a wealthy businessman and real estate developer who is running for mayor. Though he was unable to win the June election, he still has a chance to win it in a runoff against Rep. Karen Bass in November.

Caruso, who is running as a Democrat, has historically been viewed as ambivalent about his views on abortion, at least based on old interviews from the 2000s. Rick, who has recently been under fire, was a Republican. He has given money to many Republican candidates, including those who claim to be anti-abortion.

Rick now describes himself as a supporter of women's rights and declares that he is pro-choice. Twitter isn't interested in it, and they are advising Katy to avoid it, which is unfortunate for him and for her, it appears.

Perry wasnt the only celebrity to support Caruso, though; Kim Kardashian did so in the weeks leading up to last months' election. However, Kardashian has since avoided Twitter to express her displeasure over the abortion issue.

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