Ilhan Omar was booed at a Somali concert in Minnesota, and the video has gone viral on the internet

Ilhan Omar was booed at a Somali concert in Minnesota, and the video has gone viral on the internet ...

Ilhan Omar, a Somalia native, received both applause and jeers on Saturday, July 2 during the Somali music festival in Minnesota. On Saturday night, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party delegate took the stage during a performance by the Somali musician Suldan Serar Guhad.

Omar appeared on stage during a fundraiser at the Target Center in Minneapolis, where the crowd seemed unimpressed by his presence. Omar had made an appearance at the Somali Week event, which commemorated the nations 62nd year of independence, to confer Serar with a medal.

Several persons claimed that Omar was not booed by the crowd after the incidents viral video went viral. It is evident that some audience members were not too pleased to see Omar. They yelled obscenities at her to enact their desire to have her removed from the platform.

As she was speaking on stage, the Minnesota congresswoman received harsh jeers. On online versions of the event's video footage, one concertgoer said: "The audience may be booing Omar for more than a minute."

So was said, get the f**k out ofhere.

In another scene from the video, the mob is heard yelling Get out of Ilhan Omar. A person on stage is said to speak before the audience at some point during her performance when she couldn't hear the chants and booing from the audience.

Ilhan Omar was booed off the stage by 10,000 Somalis at a concert in her DISTRICT in Minneapolis, Minnesota. HOW HUMILIATING :

In the viral footage, the 39-year-old woman can also be seen addressing the audience as they jeer at her. She pleaded with them to stop and said: "I don't want to be like them."

OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, we dont have it all night.

Ilhan Omar had a meeting with Tim Mynett, a politician and political consultant. The video from the event was published on her Twitter. However, the video ends after only 14 seconds, and Omar takes a stage photo of herself and Suldan Serar Guhad.

When will certain groups discover that different ethnic groups around the world cheer differently? Or do these certain groups believe that they are the norm for the rest of the world? btw I'm not fond of her and I can tell the difference smh

Ilhan Omar was chastised by the crowd at the Minneapolis Target Center's Somali Week event, although it's unclear why. However, one of the things that made Omar controversial to certain people was her reaction to the US Supreme Court's recent Roe v. Wade decision. She has expressed her rage against the US Supreme Court's recent decision and is a vocal supporter of abortion rights.

Welcome to Minneapolis Sultan

Ilhan Omar stated in a press release that millions of pregnant mothers and women across the world are devastated by this decision. I find it blatant that this right-wing court is reversed decades of progress and forbidding individuals from having personal control over their bodies.

It was an honor to welcome you to our wonderful city.

Ilhan Omar also suggested that Minneapolis is more dangerous than a Somali refugee camp on June 30. At the Minneapolis North High School Gun Violence Community Conversation, the 39-year-old native of Mogadishu addressed the audience.

Some concertgoers may have been irritated by these remarks on Monday. It's not clear if people born in the United States or Somalia made up the majority of the Somali Week audience.

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