Julia Budzinski, who was she? Mark Budzinski's daughter Died at the age of 17

Julia Budzinski, who was she? Mark Budzinski's daughter Died at the age of 17 ...

Julia Budzinski, 17, the oldest child of Mark Budzinski, the first-base coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, passed away over the weekend. On July 2, the teenage daughter of a well-known Major League Baseball coach died in a tubing accident.

Julia Budzinski, 17, died after falling from her tube into the James River in Virginia, at the age of 17 years old. On Sunday, July 3, the Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays stood together in solidarity to pay tribute to the adolescent.

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Julia, 17, died after falling from an inflatable tube in the James River, according to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. The boat went around to save the adolescent, but she was struck by the propeller.

Ross Atkins, the organization's general manager, stated on Sunday. The Budzinskis have been a part of our Blue Jays family for the previous four seasons. My entire business is grieving with Bud and his family for this terrible loss. Ive appreciated his dedication to putting his role as a husband and father first. He is special to everyone in our clubhouse.

The Budzinski family is in our thoughts and prayers. https://www.twitter.com/3zddQ22ue3

Charlie Montoyo, the Blue Jays' general manager, said, "Everyone in our clubhouse is thinking of Bud, his wife, and their children." "We have them in our thoughts and prayers as husband and father," said the woman. Kevin Cash, the Rays' manager, said, "Your group is devastated."

Before the national anthems, the #Bluejays had a moment of silence for Julia Budzinski. Both teams were out on the foul lines to pay their respects. pic.twitter.com/frk7vuHuoy

Following the passing of Mark Budzinski's daughter, Julia, the #BlueJays manager Charlie Montoyo took a picture of the deceased: http://bit.ly/1UHE9l5o3Uv

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