Because of Star Wars, Star Trek kills off a hero

Because of Star Wars, Star Trek kills off a hero ...

The next episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be released tomorrow, with some commentary from actors. Hemmer is a riveting character that will be missed by anyone. Hemmer is presumably referring to what Hemmer tells Uhura before his death. They are also quite aware that Hemmer was planning to leave the Enterprise for good.

Strange New Worlds is a massive spoiler for Star Trek: Stranger Worlds! Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoilt!

The penultimate episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' inaugural season was brought with it all of a heartbreaking loss. Hemmer, the Aenar Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, is forced to sacrifice himself to save his crew mates. Now, actor Bruce Horak, who plays Hemmer, has revealed that he did not only know that he would die by the end of the season because of Star Wars.

Bruce Horak said he knew from the start that his character would not survive the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. They said right off that they would set Hemmer up to be the Obi-Wan Kenobibasically, to train Uhura, and to give her that final piece of advice before his death. Hemmer tells Uhura, "Make a home for yourself among others," and you will find happiness more often than sadness.

All Those Who Wander is the most horror-inspired Star Trek episode of recent memory, if not in the entire franchise. The Gorn are discovered, but not without Hemmer being exposed to the Gorn venom, which has recently been implanted in other aliens' bodies. Hemmer abandons the crashed ship for the cold outside which he knows will kill the young Gorn as they burst out of him, just as their birth will kill him.

Fans were speculating that there were other reasons to shoot off Hemmer as soon as the Star Trek episode began streaming. They can't be held accountable, especially if they remember Denise Crosby's decision to leave the show in order to pursue her career in entertainment.

Regardless of whether or not Hemmer was planned from the start, it's a regrettable decision. First, there was a real unfortunate lack of non-human characters in the regular cast. Yes, there are some characters who are technically not humans or are only part of humans, but as far as representation, Horaks portrayal of Hemmer is superb.

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