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Trump Said That He Is Not Concerned About The Growth Of The US National Debt Due To The Pandemic

Trump Said That He Is Not Concerned About The Growth Of The US National Debt Due To The Pandemic

Donald Trump said that he is not concerned about the growth of the national debt of the United States in connection with the allocation of trillions of dollars to fight the consequences of the new coronavirus pandemic.

"We had to solve this problem, we were attacked, it was an attack. No one has seen anything like this," Trump said at a white house briefing on Wednesday, responding to a question from a reporter.

"We had the greatest economy in world history we created it in the last 3-3. 5 years. Then one day they came and said we should close it. Now we are going to reopen it, we are going to be just as powerful or even more powerful [in economic terms], but we need to spend some money to reopen it. We saved our airlines, we saved a lot of companies," the head of the Washington administration continued.

"We will be bigger, better, and stronger than ever before. So no, it doesn't bother me," the President concluded.

On March 27, Trump signed into law more than $2 trillion in economic stimulus measures aimed at overcoming the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus. The document provides for the payment of unemployment benefits, assistance to hospitals, assistance to businesses, and entire industries. Before that, lawmakers allocated $8.3 billion to the US administration to contain the pandemic. On Tuesday, the US Senate approved another package of measures worth almost $500 billion. The house of representatives is expected to vote on the bill on Thursday.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that the US government debt and the debts of American corporations against the background of the spread of the new coronavirus will grow this year to record levels, which, according to experts, will create risks for the economy after the end of the pandemic. According to forecasts given by the publication, Federal budget expenditures this year will exceed revenues by $4 trillion.

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