Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas' Hollywood romance isn't over

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas' Hollywood romance isn't over ...

Lindsay Lohan might have shouted from the rooftops when it came to her previous relationships in the past, but her love story with Bader Shammas was kept hidden for almost two years.

Fans were surprised when she revealed her relationship and engagement to Bader Shamma in November 2021.

Lindsay moved to Dubai in 2018, after meeting Bader the following year. In 2019, the actress revealed her relationship and engagement to the general public in an adorable tweet on social media.

The celeb's decision to keep her relationship private for two years while living in the Emirates was a game-changer. It appeared she had a fair share of freedom away from Hollywood's paparazzi. Now, the two lovers are said to have remarried.

Lets take a look at Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas' sweet relationship.

Since moving to Dubai and meeting Bader, life has changed.

The former Mean Girls child star departed Hollywood and moved to Dubai four years ago. After seeing the opening of the magnificent Atlantis, where the most stunning views of Dubai's skyline are seen, she decided to make the move in 2014.

The actress talked about her 18 most iconic outfits from 1998 to now and reminiscing about the earlier years of her career. Feeling calm, she packed her bags and moved to Dubai, where she has lived ever since.

Paparazzi is not permitted in the country, and I realized that I could live a private life and I could just take time for myself. I decided to stay there because I really learned to appreciate what it means to go, work, and then leave and live a normal existence.

Bader and Lindsay were first linked together at a music event in Dubai, shortly before the covid-19 epidemic epidemic struck, putting the entire world in jeopardy. The picture has since been removed.

Lindsay's love life is revealed by Mama Dina.

Lindsay has always been fascinated by her choices, her plans, and her friendships, as a child star.

Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan talked about her eldest daughters' whereabouts in Dubai in April 2020. Dina also disclosed that the Mean Girls had met a man for the first time.

Dina revealed to US Weekly that she is dating a wonderful guy right now. However, that isn't here nor there. When Dina is ready to talk about her personal life, she'll be honest.

The 36-year-old actress said she wanted to date a businessman who didn't have any social media or was completely off the grid in terms of that sort of thing the previous year. He did find her.

After two years, Instagram has officially recognized her.

The couple became an Instagram official and shared sweet pictures laughing together. After he proposed on November 11, 2021, they also revealed their engagement. The stunning engagement ring also adorned the photos.

Her beau isn't a Hollywood sensation, unlike Lindsay. (We're not sure if he understands we only wear pink on Wednesdays.)

Kuwaiti native lives a life away from the spotlight. Even after the couple made their relationship public, Bader has kept his social media accounts private.

Except the few photos the actress has shared on social media, not much information is known about Lindsay's beau.

Turning 36 and revealing a secret marriage

Lindsay revealed the lovebirds are now Mr. and Mrs. On her 36th birthday, she refers to Bader as her husband.

She shared a photo of herself and her husband to close her birthday celebrations. I am shocked that you are my husband. My life and my everything, she wrote.

On her wedding day earlier this year, the actress said she planned to wear many dresses. Telling ExtraTV about some of the details of the big day, she said she planned it to be minimal. One of her initial goals was to hold it in the United States, while the other would be in a destination wedding.

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