After the Zhou Guanyu collision, George Russell was denied permission to restart the British GP

After the Zhou Guanyu collision, George Russell was denied permission to restart the British GP ...

After the first lap collision for Zhou Guanyu, George Russell was denied entry to the British GP restart, but why was this?

George Russell, a Mercedes driver, and Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu were involved in a first lap collision at Silverstone, the Chinese being tipped into a frightening series of barrel-rolls.

Zhou was able to rest between the tyre barrier and catch-fencing, but he was fortunately injured, and Alex Albon was taken to hospital as a precaution following another incident at the same time.

Following the incident, Russell jumped out of the Mercedes at Abbey and ran over to see if he could help Guanyu is, but was then barred from restarting the British GP.

Why was this, and would George Russell have even considered resurrecting the British GP if he wanted to?

George Russell has been barred from resuming his British GP job.

Russell started from eighth position on the hard compound tyre.

Pierre Gasly tried to squeeze through the inside of Russell and Zhou after a lukewarm start.

Merc's left-rear was then spit into Guanyus's car, triggering the flips, which ended with the #24 going over the tyre barrier on the outside of Abbey.

Russell bought the Mercedes to rest on the run-off, and immediately jumped out to see if he could assist Zhou.

He could not, but the vehicle was dumped onto a truck and returned to the paddock and pit-lane as he had abandoned it.

Russell was barred from starting a British GP again because he received outside help.

Russell would have been permitted to restart his vehicle one hour after the incident if he had not gotten out of the vehicle to assist Guanyu.

Could it be that he had the restart?

Russell said that if he had been allowed, his car would be ready to race in the British GP again.

The only damage to the W13 he sustained in the contact with Gasly was a left-rear puncture, and he could have restarted the car.

Russell's first DNF of the season in his tenth race of the campaign puts an end to his history as the sole driver to finish in the top five at every race.

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