Zhou Guanyu was conscious after being extracted from an F1 vehicle following a Silverstone collision

Zhou Guanyu was conscious after being extracted from an F1 vehicle following a Silverstone collision ...

After a first-lap collision at Silverstone, how is Zhou Guanyu? What happened to the Alfa Romeo driver now?

After a terrifying accident for Alfa Romeo F1 driver Zhou Guanyu, the British Grand Prix was red-flagged on the first lap.

The Chinese driver, who started ninth, was involved in an incident at the start that ended with his automobile flipping upside through a gravel trap and becoming wedged between the barriers.

The race was immediately halted as medical crews raced to the driver's aid at the fast Abbey right hander as per F1 regulations.

What will happen to Zhou Guanyu's future, and will the race be restarted?

What is the name of Zhou Guanyu?

After a wait while medical and extraction workers worked to free Zhou Guanyu from the Alfa's wreckage, news emerged that he is okay and fully conscious.

Zhou was rescued from the wreckage and placed on a stretcher, according to his coach Frederic Vassuer.

He was taken to a hospital where he will be evaluated.

russell tagging Pierre Gasly. Russell then speared into Zhou, sending him into the reels.

What's left of Zhou's car #BritishGP #WTF1 pic.twitter.com/iC7ZgG8s8

The Zhous car then slammed over the tecpro barrier, landing between the fans and the catch-fencing fence.

Russell, Alex Albon, Esteban Ocon, and Yuki Tsuonda were also involved in the incident.

Albon has withdrawn from the race and is being taken to Coventry Hospital by helicopter for checks. Mercedes are attempting to restore Russell's vehicle and bring him back into the race.

Russell jumped out of the Mercedes and ran over to see if he might assist Zhou before the medical crews arrived.

Will the race be rescheduled?

The race will be restarted once Zhou Guanyu is healed and alive.

The Alfa's rust must first be removed from the barrier and repaired.

After Kimi Raikkonen hit the barrier heavily on the opening lap of the 2014 British Grand Prix, there was a one-hour delay.

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