This Dog Food Company Is Using Unusual Ingredients To Create Healthier Treats For Your Pup & The Environment

This Dog Food Company Is Using Unusual Ingredients To Create Healthier Treats For Your Pup & The Env ...

Im sure many pet parents can relate to the desire to give your dog the finest of everything, including the food we feed them. However, when browsing the pet food aisle at the grocery store, it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the options. How do we know which is the most nutritious choice for our dogs? My rescued German Shepherd loves anything, but what should she be eating everyday?

The pet population in the United States would rank fifth in global meat consumption that isn't beneficial to the environment. So, Chippin, a woman-owned dog food business, has developed kibble, treats, and meal toppers made from other proteins that I hadn't even considered, including silver carp, spirulina, and crickets. (Thats right, crickets).

Superfood Proteins for Dogs That Are Science-Backed

Haley Russell, the founder of Chippin, was inspired to create nutrient-rich dog food that guarantees a long-term, happy life for your pet. Chippins silver carp jerky is an anti-allergen treat that is packed with Omega-3s and all 10 essential amino acids to support a healthy skin and coat.

Spirulina. The protein-rich blue-green algae aids in relieving inflammation, aids your dogs immune system, and acts as a probiotic to support gut health. Chippins vegan spirulina treats are a great way to include some extra veggies into your dog's diet.

Chippin is a delicious cricket-based jerky that has prebiotic benefits as well. They are loved by dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior citizens, and they make excellent high-quality snacks during training sessions or simply because.

Is crickets safe for dogs to eat?

Yes! Crickets are naturally rich in Omega-3s, which help your dog's heart, skin, joints, and coat. They are also more digestible than chicken, so your dog will be able to absorb more nutrients. There's also a antioxidant-rich option with bananas and blueberries to help with digestion.

Dog Food That Is Environmentally Friendly

Ok, so now that youve got the scoop on alternative protein, its time to talk about eco-sustainability. Chippins products are designed with the environment in mind, starting with the ingredients they use. According to the company's website, one-third of fish stocks are overfished, which is why Chippin sources their silver carp from Kentucky Lake, just off the Ohio River, where there is an overpopulation of the top-feeding fish.

Chippins alternative-protein treats save at least 40 gallons of water and use 80% less resources, according to the organization. Also, Chippin is a certified plastic neutral company, which means that they eliminate as much plastic as they use throughout their supply chain.

Puppies, seniors, and low-fat diets are all Bundles.

Are you ready to try out Chippins alternative protein products for your dog? They provide you the opportunity to pick the treats that will best suit your canine companion by combining them together in accordance with their particular benefits.

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This article was originally published on June 1, 2022.

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