A hacked Tesla Model S Plaid speeds at a new high of 216 mph

A hacked Tesla Model S Plaid speeds at a new high of 216 mph ...

The Tesla Model S Plaid has an official top speed of 175 miles per hour (281km/h). However, what if it could go faster?

Guillaume Andre was asked such a question as he sat behind the wheel of a white Tesla Model S Plaid at the Trois-Rivieres airport in Quebec, Canada.

Stepping on the accelerator pedal to reach a new high

He then stepped on the accelerator pedal until the Tesla reached a top speed of 216 miles per hour (348 km/h), breaking the record for the fastest publicly reported speed for this model. What motivated him to achieve his goal?

Andre isn't just a regular guy. He is the CEO of Ingenext, a Quebec-based company that sells car components, kits, and modules that help Tesla users unlock software-locked features.

He was also particularly adept at hacking the car to remove its speed limitations. And it appears that the automobile would be much faster without these features.

The incident took place last Thursday and was covered by Electrek. The team shut down theTrois-Rivieres airport to conduct their experiment. The location had a 3 km (1.8-mile) long runway that was ideal for the experiment.

Was the automobile altered other than to eliminate speed limitations? The Model S Plaid from Ingenext consisted of a standard production vehicle equipped with bigger brakes from Mountainpass Performance and higher performance tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport).

These adjustments were mostly made for safety purposes, as reaching such high speeds might cause a regular automobile to burn up its tires and be unable to pull itself down.

Model S Plaid is going at 216 MPH, according to Twitter.com/50FUGcmaFM.

What distance did the CEO have to go to reach his all-time high speed?Andre had to go about 1.2 miles (2 km) to reach a top speed of 216 miles per hour (348 km/h). On the other hand, breaking came to an end after taking the whole runway to a stop even with the bigger breaks installed.

A jet getting off the runway

The sound of the car accelerating can be compared to a jet crashing off the runway in a video produced by Electrek. Additionally, the color of the speedometer turns from white to red as the vehicle's speed rises.

This clearly indicates a danger.

This raises the question: is it really safe to unleash such speeds on a family sedan? Ingenext plans to soon provide its module to the general public with the capacity unlocked and other features, but it may be safer to stick to the regular version, especially if you do not have larger breaks and more performance wheels to install.

Dennoch, the test is a fun way to see how a vehicle performs.

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