With these nine simple DIY techniques, you can transform your living room into a stunning display

With these nine simple DIY techniques, you can transform your living room into a stunning display ...

Decorating your living room with market-bought furniture, accessories, sculptures, and craft supplies is easy, but it can also empty your pocket. Plus, you cannot buy every premium decor item that you see on television or in a supermarket because sometimes even a small attractive center table or a decent wall art piece might cost hundreds of dollars.

There are a number of DIY decor ideas you may utilize to complete your living room. These solutions will enhance your room, save you a lot of money, and allow you to make the most of your spare time. Plus, your guests will continue to appreciate your DIY decor skills once you apply them in your house.

Here is a list of five fantastic DIY tips to make your living room look its finest.

1.DIY wall decor

For less than a hundred dollars, you can also purchase inexpensive wall decor items such as cardboard, duct tape, bamboo skewers, beads, spray paint, and foam. Here is a video that demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating the amazing wall art shown in the above shots.

2.Potted plants for indoor plants: DIY

With these pretty DIY pots, you may easily create flowers inside them and place them on the center table, shelves, or any corner of your living room. They would certainly give your space many positive vibes.

If you want to make these striking DIY indoor plant pots, watch this video.

3.A DIY center table

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and sturdy piece of furniture for your living room, you might want to try this DIY one. It's made of nothing but an old tire, jute twine, and hardboard.

4.DIY floating shelves

It may not be your style to cover every wall in your living room with paintings and art. You may also save wall space for storing your favorite books and indoor plants using floating shelves. DIY shelves are extremely easy to construct; all you need to do is follow the instruction provided in this video.

In your spare time, you may construct your own floating shelves using basic carpentry skills and wooden pallet boards. Here is a video you should not miss.

5.Living room sculpture: DIY

You want to brighten your living room with stunning art works, but the cost of those heart-breaking artistic sculptures will consume your whole budget. There is a better approach to living room decor: purchase a foam board (having dimensions 18x8x1 inches), blue and gold paint, sandpaper, iron wire, and glue. Follow the steps shown in this video.

This stunning DIY sculpture will enhance the beauty of your living room and attract the attention of your children, guests, and acquaintances once it's been completed. The best part is, it doesn't cost you 150 dollars.

6.A DIY wall-mount lamp

If you have spare LED bulbs and old cardboard sheets, you may make these low-cost wall-mounted lights. These low-cost lights will enhance your living room ambience and serve as an excellent alternative to costly decor lights you find on the market. The best part about these DIY lights is that you may modify their design and lighting settings anytime as per your requirements.

7.Recycled flower branches as decorations

These lovely flower branches may appear real, but they are made from egg trays, fallen tree branches, used paper bags, dried pine cones, and other waste materials that you can recycle in your day-to-day life.Here's how you can make these DIY flower branches from scratch.

DIY flower vase

This is probably the easiest DIY decor idea for your living room. Old glass bottles can be transformed into beautiful flower vases by simply using white glue, sand, rice grains, gravel, and some paints. They are a great way to fill empty table space in your living room or you can arrange them on the floating shelves you made earlier.

9.Family photo frame by a DIY artist

What better place than your living room to display all of your family photos that are close to your heart? This heart-shaped DIY photo frame allows you to display more than 50 photos on your wall, and it will cost you nothing compared to expensive designer frames on the market.

This adorable decor piece may be made easily by using cardboard, glue, and a sheet of white cardboard. Follow this video for further instruction. If you also wish the frame to glow at night, you may also place some LED lights around it.

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