According to a Steam survey, one in five people now have Windows 11, and Intel has retaken its CPU share fromAMD

According to a Steam survey, one in five people now have Windows 11, and Intel has retaken its CPU s ...

Several recent reports suggest that Windows 11 is slowly but surely improving over its predecessor, and that more Steam users are adopting the newer operating system with its gaming-focused features: In May, Windows 11 was found on 19.59% of users' PCs, compared to 21.23% in June.

Most popular Steam versions among Steam survey respondents: more people started using Windows 7 last month!

Intel beat AMD for the second month in a row in June, with team blue topping out 1.28% on the Steam poll, but Chipzilla has emerged on top now and again, the last time in March.

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Following the launch of Raptor Lake and Zen 4, it'll be interesting to see how the processor section on the Steam chart changes. Intel's next CPUs will offer DDR4-memory support, unlike Zen 4an appealing prospect for those who wish to carry their DDR4 modules with them when they upgrade. AMD's new platform, however, promises a 35% performance increase over Zen 3.

The RTX 3060's desktop and laptop versions continue to have great results, according to the Steam poll's graphics card findings. Both were the top performers last month as the desktop version rose two spots on the main chart to eighth place. The RTX 3050 also had a good month with a +0.18% increase.

The more costly Ampere series didn't perform well, thoughperhaps this could be a sign of consumers staying true to their spending during these difficult economic times, which has prompted Nvidia to reduce its TSMC wafer orders for its RTX 4000 series?

The most powerful graphics cards last month

Despite the decline in 1440p and 4K displays, 1920 x 1080 remains the most popular resolution in Steam surveys, and the Oculus Quest 2 is now 0.98 percent closer to becoming the headset owned by half of all VR users.

Despite a minor decline, English remains the most popular steam language among Steam users (36.73%), as simplified Chinese rose from 2.6 to 24.75% in October 2017, mostly due to PUBG's popularity in the country.

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