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Peru Authorities Grant Amnesty To 3 Thousand Prisoners Due To The Pandemic

Peru Authorities Grant Amnesty To 3 Thousand Prisoners Due To The Pandemic

The Peruvian authorities will declare an Amnesty for about 3 thousand convicts because of the spread of a new type of coronavirus epidemic, according to Fernando Castaneda, Minister of Justice and Human Rights.

"These are mothers of children under the age of three, pregnant women, elderly people over 60 who have not committed serious crimes, those who were sentenced to up to four years in prison, and those who have less than six months left before the end of their prison term," he said in an interview with local TV channel ATV. According to the politician, the relevant decree amending the procedure of the presidential Commission on Amnesty will be published in the official press on Thursday, the first prisoners will start leaving prison institutions in about two weeks.

In total, according to the Minister, 97 thousand prisoners are held in the country's prisons, about 500 of them were diagnosed with coronavirus, and 13 people died as a result of infection. The infection was detected in 10 of the 68 penitentiaries, Castaneda said.

Peru, where there are currently more than 19 thousand infected and at least 530 deaths from COVID-19, is the second most infected country in Latin America after Brazil. In mid-March, the President of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, declared a state of emergency in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, which implies the closure of state borders and a ban on the operation of enterprises. Later, the Republic's leadership decided to impose a curfew throughout its territory to prevent the spread of infection and extended the state of emergency until April 26.

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