Jeff Bezos Is Going To Go To Space Along With His Brother

Jeff Bezos Is Going To Go To Space Along With His Brother ...

It seems that the billionaire and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has decided where to go on vacation. And no, this is not Richard Branson's private island in the Caribbean. Bezos announced that on July 20 (just 15 days after he steps down as CEO of Amazon), he would fly into space on the New Shepard spacecraft created by his Blue Origin corporation. He will be accompanied by his younger brother Mark Bezos. "Since I was five years old, I dreamed of flying into space. On July 20, I will go on such a journey with my brother. The greatest adventure with my best friend. To see the Earth from space is to change. Change your attitude to the planet, to humanity. We have the same Land. I want to go to space because it's what I've dreamed of all my life," the 57-year-old billionaire wrote on Instagram. The auction continues on the company's website, the winner of which will be able to go into space with the Bezos brothers. According to Blue Origin, at the moment, about six thousand people from 143 countries of the world took part in the auction, while the bid of $ 2.8 million is leading. If all goes according to plan, Bezos, the richest man in the world (his capital is more than $ 187 billion), will be the first of the tycoons to fly aboard the rocket, in the development of which he has invested millions of dollars. Even Elon Musk, whose company SpaceX builds spacecraft powerful enough to go into orbit around the Earth, has not announced plans to go into space. But the British billionaire Richard Branson, the owner of the space company Virgin Galactic, announced his intention to carry out flights to suborbital space for the rich (very rich) thrill-seekers and directly compete with Blue Origin. Branson has long said he would be one of the first passengers aboard a Virgin Galactic rocket-powered plane, but that flight is not expected to take place until late 2021. Blue Origin was founded by Bezos in 2000. The company has conducted more than a dozen test flights without people on board at Blue Origin facilities. In addition to New Shepard, Blue Origin is also working on the New Glenn rocket, which the company hopes will be used to send U.S. government and commercial satellites into orbit.

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