A former manager of the Island Boys claims they were raped

A former manager of the Island Boys claims they were raped ...

Since they went viral on TikTok last year, Flysoulja and Kodiyakredd have become internet sensations. A video of them singing an original tune called Im an Island Boy propelled them to fame, and they capitalized on it. Their previous manager has provided some insight into the twins' financial situation.

Poker the Jew, the twins' former manager, appeared on the No Jumper podcast recently, where he discussed his relationship with them. He also claimed that they are bankrupt and owe him a lot of money, like $150k.

The brothers make the most of their money through Cameo videos, with a small portion coming from TikTok. However, Poker claims that their money source has suddenly drained.

They are due me about $150,000. They have almost run dry at this point. They are cancelled everywhere like that, and they cant really go outside like that.

Poker stated that the Island Boys are paying $20k a month to stay in their current house, and that includes getting to use cars around the property. They also must pay for lawn care and mosquito treatment at the house. Their Cameo money is also drying up.

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