After shooting, Lil Tjay is Conscious and Talking

After shooting, Lil Tjay is Conscious and Talking ...

Lil Tjay was shot last week in Edgewater, New Jersey, but fans held their breath as one of the internet's most popular rappers fought for his life. Tjay has been recuperating since his operation, and things are looking brighter by the day.

Lil Tjay has made significant improvements in his recovery. After being shot several times, he was unconscious and had to rely on a breathing tube. Now, Tjay is awake and alert.

Lil Tjay has no longer has his breathing tube. There were no harmful effects from that procedure, as his voice is said to be the same as it was previously. The cops are now looking to talk with him.

Just one day after the shooting, three men were arrested. Police believe one of them was the trigger man. They want to know more about Lil Tjays' side of the story.

Lil Tjay was accused of robbing a guy at gunpoint in April. It is unknown if his killing had anything to do with the situation. In any case, authorities want further information on what happened the night Tjay was shot.

Tjay is thought to have been robbed by a man named Mohamed Konate. It is unknown if there are any links between the two. Now that he is recovered, it will be interesting to see what Tjay has to say about the night he was almost gunned down.

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