Xzibit is angry with MTV for pimping my ride royalties

Xzibit is angry with MTV for pimping my ride royalties ...

Pimp My Ride was such a popular program during its initial run that it became a long-standing meme. The show's charismatic host, Xzibit, made it a fan favorite that continues today. Recently, the rapper accused the rights holders of making huge money while shutting him out.

Xzibit posted a photo on Instagram where he accused Viacom of profiting from Pimp My Ride while exploiting him in many ways. He claimed that Viacom promised him a percentage of all sales, and that streaming was not even mentioned in his contract.

The host of Pimp My Ride spoke with TMZ about his feelings on the matter. He believes he was slammed by the media giant. Xzibit believes Viacom should pay him a check.

Im willing to have a conversation. I believe they need to have a conversation, just to make sure that theyre aware that, you know, the people who work for them are putting their businesses in jeopardy by removing these practices.

I respect the company and I hope to do more things with them in the future. I mean, who knows what the future holds? But, you know, this particular incident was a big one that affected me in many ways.

Xzibit believes he's due a lot of money from Viacom for his work on the program. His music and likeness were removed from several DVD releases, which resulted in a substantial loss of income. If things can be resolved, he'd consider returning the series. For the time being, he just wants what he believes he is entitled to.

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