With WWE's first ABC event, WWE money will go head-to-head

With WWE's first ABC event, WWE money will go head-to-head ...

Due to UFC 276 being broadcast on the ABC network the pay-per-view has already had to make major changes. WWE will also be doing a live event with them.

WWE's decision to go against a network TV broadcast of UFC in the old days would be a major setback to the business. In the streaming era, the company may lose viewers to UFC, but the show being on Peacock makes that much less important in terms of revenue.

On Saturday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the competition. Viewers will have a choice between a very rare MMA event on broadcast TV and WWEs offering. Money in the Bank is not expected to compete against the whole UFC PPV due to its timing.

UFC 276 will be broadcast on Saturday, head-to-head, for the most part, with the WWE show. WWE's will probably be three hours and go from 8 to 11 eastern, and UFCs will probably go from 10 to 1:30 or so. There isn't a total overlap, although the WWE show will go head-to-head with UFC on ABC television.

UFC is very popular in Las Vegas. WWE has already forced it to alter its venue. Now, an audience with a significant crossover will have to decide which show is worth their time.

As always, the stakes at Money in the Bank are high. There are future championship chances on the line. WWE is hoping that's enough to keep fans hooked up, even as UFC prepares to host a huge event just across the street at T-Mobile Arena.

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