Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder are available online a week before their release

Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder are available online a week before their release ...

In Marvel Studios' latest film,Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth will return as the God of Thunder. Along for the ride are stalwart companions Korg and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) as well as Dr. Jane Foster, who will return for the first time in eight years, this time with the power ofMjolnir on her side.

The rest of this article contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Spoilers. Some fans loathe learning plot details about their anticipated films in advance, claiming it ruins the experience. Others are much more indulgent, and some groups even seek out spoilers before going to see a film.

Now, as for Love and Thunder, there haven't actually been a ton of pre-release leaks for the fourth Thor solo film. However, the website for the British Board of Film Classification might have changed things a bit.

Thor 4, the official British film website, is here.

The official page on the British Board of Film Classification websiteforThor: Love and Thunderlists several elements from the film that may be considered spoilers. These details are listed under the "Ratings info" tab, which is, in fact, labeled with a spoiler warning "May contain spoilers."

The reasons for the many injuries suffered by the characters are explained.

There are a few instances of fantastical bloodshed, such as jets of golden blood in a sword fight between gods. Fantastical creatures are sloppily dismembered. A villain removes the head from a monster, and throws it at children. A hero is shown to be missing an eye.

The hero in question is likely Thor himself. In 2017'sThor: Ragnarok, helost his right eye and received a bionic replacement from Rocket, although it's best not to ask where he got it from...

The BBFC would be remiss if they didn't mention the much-discussed scene where Zeus magically removes Thor's clothes with the flick of his finger, exposing his butt, or as the site calls it "comic rear nudity."

There are comical verbal references to orgies. There is mild innuendo concerning the appearance of a hero's penis. There are other references to'making babies' and 'getting it on.' There is comic rear nudity.

Moving on, the film contains "occasionaljump scares"and other surprises, including a villain who wants to kidnap small children. Could this be Christian Bale's Gorr? It doesn't appear to be his primary job, so perhaps not.

Children are snatched from their beds at night by monsters and held captive by a vengeful villain who threatens to cut off their heads in sequences of moderate horror. This horror is punctuated with humor and ends calmly.

The BBFC's website includes information on the film's most notable violence moments:

A man stabs a god's neck. Warriors battle with swords, axes, and hand-to-hand combat. A group of gods is believed to have been lynched.

And then, we have the"disgusting language"uttered in the film, most of which is almost certain to originate from the Guardians of the Galaxy's mouths. Jane is also mentioned, obviously referring to Jane:

There are some mild bad language such as 'piss,' 'crap,' 'asshole,' 'hell,' 'damn,''shit,' 'God,' and 'jerk.' There are also some disturbing scenes in the film.

Thor 4 Looks Like a Wid Time

Like all Marvel Studios' current movies, Thor: Love and Thunder, is strictly rated PG-13. This MCU project will not include any f-bombs or full frontal nudity.

Nevertheless, that doesn't prevent the studio from comically manipulating established notions surrounding such things. After all, the film is directed by none other than Taika Waititi, who is well-known for his funny, wittiness.

And, when it comes to alien violence, it's likely that all of the dismemberment and bodily harm will be inflicted on alien characters. Whenever Marvel does include heavy, graphic violence, it's often either implied or just shown offscreen. And, in rare cases where it isn't, the damage is usually negligible.

When Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunderlands comes to cinemas on July 8, fans will be able to experience all of this for themselves.

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