The Flashes Ezra Miller Controversy Has Worsen With Troubling New Abuse Details

The Flashes Ezra Miller Controversy Has Worsen With Troubling New Abuse Details ...

Thanks to the changing situation surrounding Ezra Miller, the leading actor of The Flash within the DCEU, Warner Bros. has been in the headlines for accusations of abuse and harassment, which is just the start of the problem.

Miller reportedly made a choking move on the internet when he was caught on video by a passerby who shared the footage on his Facebook page. More recently, Miller was arrested on two occasions over harassment accusations in Hawaii, raising serious questions about whether or not continuing to serve in the DCEU.

Warner Bros. is forced to make some difficult choices about the DCEU's future, especially since Miller is one of the few original actors remaining. This situation has become even more difficult as new information has emerged concerning several of Miller's latest abuse allegations.

Details on the Ezra Miller incident have become public.

Thanks to discussions with a number of victims and witnesses to numerous alleged actions by the actor, Variety has revealed more about the slaying allegations against Ezra Miller. Miller was a bartender at a pub inReykjavik, Iceland, where he was seen on camera choking a woman in public.

Miller and Reynir exchanged words over a playful banter before Miller grabbed him and slapped him. Reynir jumped in to stop the brawl, but Miller was permitted to return to the bar after apologizing to the guy with whom the altercation took place.

Miller choked out a woman at a different pub, making the second incident much more difficult to ignore, with Reynir noting that there was always something with Ezra.

Variety spoke with the woman involved in the incident, although she remained anonymous for privacy reasons.

Miller reportedly asked, Do you want to fight? Is that what you do? as they walked towards each other, with the person filming the video intervening when Miller grabbed her by the neck.

Miller Miller replied,I'll let you know if you want to fight? before she said she'd meet him in a smoking area shortly after.

Miller actually jumped on her and began choking her, yelling at her about actually fighting as her friend began filming what was happening:

I think it's just fun and games but then it wasn't. All of a sudden, [theyre] on top of me, choking me, and still yelling in my face if I want to fight. My pal who's filming notices [theyre] clearly not joking and its actually serious, so he stops filming, and pushes [them] off me as [theyre] still trying to fight me. This is what you wanted!

Miller confessed to spit in her friend's face "multiple times," but Reynir came outside to dismantle the argument between them when he saw things "going completely out of hand." The bartender then described the confrontation between him and Miller, saying, "He [grabbed him] by the throat as [he attempted] to usher them out the [back] door."

Miller claimed that his friends pushed him around, although the bartender stated that this wasn't what happened. Miller then "proceeded to spit in [his] face several times" before Reynir closed and locked the door on them, making this case even more egregious.

Miller proceeded to rush to the front entrance aggressively, but they were eventually ushered out by friends, according to several sources.

Another woman expressed the same sentiment about Miller, declaring that she had a romantic connection with Miller after a consensual sexual encounter in 2020. But then, Miller's mood changed dramatically when she told Miller that they couldn't smoke in her house, which "just set them off."

Miller went on a verbal rant, declaring in the purest sense that they may "do whatever they want whenever they desire," before the woman responded, saying that guests should "honor their hosts' house rules."

"I'm quoting word for word," she said. They began with Im a designer of planets. Tobacco is sacred."

They then "looked at [her] with this really mean, stern face, and said, Sit down, like they were ordering a dog. They replied to that question by sayingyes, I'm talking to you like a dog.

Miller and his colleagues hurled insulates at her and began searching through her entire house, "spreading tobacco leaves on the floor."

I asked them to leave about 20 times, maybe more. They started slandering me. Im a Nazi. It became so overwhelming for me. They were going around my house, looking at everything, touching everything, and strewn tobacco leaves on the floor. It was both depressing and intrusive.

Although Miller then turned the coin around and made themselves feel like victims in the situation, she asked Miller whether they remembered her being "a descendant of Holocaust survivors."

I asked them if they remember that I am a descendant of Holocaust survivors, so why would they say that to me? They replied, shriking at me, Yes, but how many people of my family died? Because many people in my family died. I was like, "Oh, please, this is a game of who gets the most trauma."

After she called the authorities, she believed that Miller might stab her [her]physically, claiming that she "felt completely unsafe."

Miller said she'd call the cops when she called, but then she turned it back on her, pretending to call the cops while she was calling:

I told them I was calling the cops because they were refusing to leave. And while I was calling the cops, Ezra was calling the cops or pretending to call the cops. I dont know.

Miller then entered the woman's bedroom and shouted that she was "triggering them" and that she had actually been the perpetrator in the incident:

"They began to yell that I was triggering them because I was a rape survivor. They began to accuse me of assaulting them. I had beat them up. I had hurt them."

Ezra Miller is in a serious relationship with Warner Bros.

The Flash, which is in process for over a decade officially, might be the least of the studio's concerns as the world learns more about Ezra Miller's problems.

Warner Bros. has already decided to skip San Diego Comic-Con this year, and from the looks of things, it will not be an easy task to promote this film while the studio tries to decide what to do next.

The Flash is scheduled to launch in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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