According to the director, Ms. Marvel was delayed and reshot (Exclusive)

According to the director, Ms. Marvel was delayed and reshot (Exclusive) ...

Kamala Khanin, played by Iman Vellani, has taken a long time to get accepted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having been first revealed back in 2019. Despite showing the first glimpse of her returning on Disney's Investor Day, and announcing a late 2021 release date, the world is only just beginning to hear her story.

Why did the project have such a long wait? Earlier this year, it was revealed that the series would not only be shooting reshoots in Atlanta, GA, but these were also believed to be substantial ones. The cast and crew were later confirmed to be back at it thanks to an Instagram post by Episode 4 and 5 director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy a few weeks later.

So what was the cause of these delays, and what might have been altered during those reshoots? It's a great pleasure for The Direct to be able to ask the show's director this exact question.

Why was Ms. Marvel delaying?

Shareem Obaid-Chinoy, the director of the series' fourth and fifth episodes, spoke openly about what may have changed during reshooting and why the series might have been postponed from its original release date of Summer 2021 in an exclusive interview with The Directs Russ Milheim.

The director claims that nothing major was altered during the more recent reshoots. Instead, they were merely ensuring that there was a kind of coherent narrative that ran through, and they had a few tweaks here and there to help tie it all together:

I think that we went back and did some pickup shoots where we were tying the story in together and making sure that there was a sort of cohesive storyline that ran through. And I think that each time you complete the series, you go back and think about all of the other things that you could have brought in and done.

Obaid-Chinoy cited the reason why she pushed the series back to 2022: She [thinks] it was the epidemic, as they had a lot of big scenes that required tens of thousands of extras, something that became much more difficult because to the COVID restrictions:

I think it was the pandemic. To be honest, I think that every time we thought it was coming to an end, it would re-emerge its sort of savage face. And, you know, there is international travel, and, and I think that putting a six-part series that is shot in many countries with diverse crews and multiple characters in a pandemic takes time.

Making a More Cohesive Kamala Khan Tale

Obaid-Chinoy's assertion that she was only involved in "a few pickups here and there" aligns with what was previously public about how the reshoots altered the series. Previously, the show's sound mixer, Chris Giles, told The Direct how the process "didn't involve anything] super extensive to change the narrative."

Could there be other reasons why Marvel would rather not let the general public know? Yes, of course. When it comes to big-name projects like these, it's likely that those reshoots ended up being the mainstay of an outstanding Disney+ show.

If you believe this Kamala Khan's story to be true, there is always a chance some of those changes will be implemented in these final two episodes, especially if the program is going to allow Iman Vellani to make his way to The Marvels. Ironically, the sequel to Brie Larson'sCaptain Marvel is also in the midst of reshoots.

Ms. Marvel is now available on Disney+, with new episodes airing every Wednesday.

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