In a new trailer for DC's Battle of the Super Sons, Batman and Supermans kids team up

In a new trailer for DC's Battle of the Super Sons, Batman and Supermans kids team up ...

The Justice League: The Dark Apokalips War's animated film universe consisted of a solid world-building strategy, starting with the game-changing events ofJustice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, culminating in an epic victory in Justice League: The Dark Apokalips War. After the shared universe, DC is now focusing on creating standalone animated films that expand its storytelling capabilities.

During DC FanDome 2021, the studio announced that a new animated project would focus on Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, the sons of Superman and Batman, who have remained close friends throughout the years. Both artists have recently moved to other media.

Jon Kent made his live-action debut in Superman & Lois, played by Jordan Elsass, while Damian Wayne has appeared in several animated films, including Son of Batman and Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

In a new animated film, the two young heroes will be brought to the forefront.

The Kids of Superman and Batman Take the DC Spotlight

The first trailer for Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, the studio's first fully-CGI animated film featuring the sons of the titular heroes, has been released by DC.

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, who teamed up to save the world from Starro the Conqueror, star in the 60-second teaser.

Jon Kent was taken around the Batcave by his father, Superman, and Batman, according to the teaser.

Damian Wayne entered the fray, and as expected, he was reluctant to meet the man who made him the man of Steel's son:

After most of the world (including Superman and Batman) fell prey to Starro, Jon and Damian decide to join forces to combat the cosmic danger:

The teaser revealed that even Lex Luthor was the victim of Starro:

Three Justice League and Young Justicemembers, such as Kid Flash, Martian Manhunter, Beast Boy, and Wonder Girl, have also been confirmed in Battle of the Super Sons.

Along with the trailer, the film's official synopsis was also unveiled:

In this all-new DC Animated Film, 11-year-old Jonathan Kent and his reluctant young companion Damian Wayne face adversity. Jonathan Kent learns his dad is Superman and that he also has latent superpowers of his own! He also meets Damian, the legendary Dark Knight and current Boy Wonder, but will the two boys be the Super Sons they'redestined to be?

The release date for the film is still unknown at this time. The whole trailer can be seen below:

The Animated Universe at DC Comics is Still Going Strong

It's reasonable to assume that Battle of the Super Sons will be a standalone film since they'll likely be the only two heroes who haven't been affected by Starro the Conqueror.

Given that the Justice League is fully established in the film, there's a good possibility that other heroes will appear in the film, aside from those who made their presence known in the teaser. Notable candidates that might appear are Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Aquaman, The Flash, and the League of Assassins.

Battle of the Super Sons is making DC history with its fully-CGI treatment, considering that, for the majority, the studioused hand-drawn animation in its projects. The last time Warner Bros. and DC used the CG treatment was during 2011's Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Beware The Batman in 2013.

According to the teaser, the CGI treatment worked, and it will be interesting to see how it will be fully showcased when the animated film premieres.

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