Before Season 3, you may watch Harley Quinns' first episode online for free

Before Season 3, you may watch Harley Quinns' first episode online for free ...

Harley Quinn's third season has been a revelation, especially after its game-changing Season 2 finale. The relationship between the two ended with Poison Ivy confessing her feelings for Harley, and the pair ended up driving off together as the Gotham City Police Department pursued them in a six-part mini-comic series, "The Eat. Bang! Kill Tour."

Season 3's anti-hero and Poison Ivy's mayhem are anticipated to continue, with the teaser revealing a slew of DC characters along the way. In a previous interview, the show's lead star, Kaley Cuoco, teased that Season 3 would "be "so much better" and that it "gets more and more insane."

A special episode has been released online in order to prepare fans even more for Harley Quinn Season 3.

Harley Quinn Episode 1 is now available for FREE on Warner Bros.

HBO Max released Harley Quinn's first episode, "Til Death Do Us Part," before its third season on YouTube.

The show's official social media page promoted the episode's release with the usual funny comments from Kaley Cuoco's DC character:

"In case you've been living under a rock, my program is the sh*t!" Stream the first episode Youre welcome!

The first episode revolves around the Joker and the titular anti-hero, eventually leading to the appearance of Poison Ivy to help her out:

Fans may download the episode below:

Harley Quinn's Journey: A New Look

The first episode of Harley Quinn is an important step in the anti-hero's development because it explored her journey to becoming an independent and empowered woman with the help of Poison Ivy.

Rewatching the episode for those who have already seen it offers a fresh perspective on seeing the scenes between Harley and Poison Ivy, mainly because it already teased the pair's romantic connection from the beginning. This episode might have been released as a marketing tactic in preparation for the show's Season 3 premiere.

Jennifer Coyle, the show's co-executive producer for Harley Quinn, said the next set of episodes will have "twists and turns," which will "drive [the] audiences to places and show things you won't see anywhere else."

On HBO Max, Harley Quinn Season 3 will launch on Thursday, July 28.

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