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Aslan Bzhania, The Elected President Of Abkhazia, Took Office

Aslan Bzhania, The Elected President Of Abkhazia, Took Office

Aslan Bzhania, the elected President of Abkhazia, took office and became the fifth President of the Republic after independence. The inauguration ceremony is being held without foreign guests for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aslan Bzhania, a member of the Parliament of Abkhazia and one of the leaders of the Abkhazian opposition, won the re-election of the country's President on March 22. According to the final data of the Central election Commission of Abkhazia, Bzhania received 53,741 votes, which is 56.5%. Former Minister of culture Badra Gunba was elected Vice-President. The vote was held in one round.

"I swear to the entire multi-ethnic people of Abkhazia that I will use my knowledge and strength for their well-being, peace, and tranquility. In my activities, I will strictly follow the requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia, act as a guarantor of its strict implementation by the authorities, respect for the rights and freedoms of all citizens of the Republic," Bzhania read out the text of the oath in the Abkhazian language.

Upon taking office, the President was officially given seals with the image of the state emblem of the Republic, the President's standard, a saber symbolizing his role as commander-in-chief, and the national Abkhazian stick, alabashcha, as a symbol of wisdom and endurance.

According to the law on the President, within a week after the newly elected President takes office, the residence, office premises, vehicles and other state property related to the exercise of the powers of the head of state and the head of the Executive power of Abkhazia must be transferred to his jurisdiction.

The election of the President of Abkhazia, which was won by Bzhania, was held on March 22 due to the fact that the cassation panel of judges of the Supreme court recognized the results of the elections held in two rounds in August and September 2019 as illegal.

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