Ray Fisher of the Justice League throws a smirk at the DC Films boss with a nasty The Boys reference

Ray Fisher of the Justice League throws a smirk at the DC Films boss with a nasty The Boys reference ...

While DC may not produce another Justice League film for a long time, the organization's fight against Warner Bros. still remains in the forefront thanks to Cyborg star Ray Fisher's fight against DC Films. In July 2020, Fisher first launched a tirade against President Walter Hamada and former Justice League director Joss Whedon, and he hasn't backed down for a moment in the years since.

Fisher provided further information on the matter after he claimed that he was the subject of abuse on the Justice League set, with most of the abuse apparently being racist. After Warner Bros. conducted an official investigation on the issue, there were apparent no significant changes.

Fisher has repeatedly contacted Warner Bros. for suspected wrongdoings, most recently for a changing of the guard in Warner Bros.' senior management during the divestment with Discovery. In the latest development, the Cyborg actor has gone a little more current with his social media activity, now using one of the most popular superhero shows in the game outside of the Marvel and DC worlds.

Ray Fisher Chided His WB by Using The Boys

Ray Fisher, a former DCEU actor, criticized Warner Bros' President of DC Films Walter Hamada with a tweet from Amazon Prime's The Boys page. This post was sponsored by the fictional company that sponsors the core group of superheroes in The Boys, who operate under the name The Seven.

According to the account, the team's leader, Anthony Starr's Homelander, condemned team member Starlight for a recent livestream on social media in the series. Starlight, who is also known as Annie January, was later removed from the team and placed in an extremely negative public spotlight after her relationship with Homelander ended.

"A statement from Homelander and Vought regarding Starlights recent Instagram Live" read the letter.

Annie January, codename Starlight,'s recent social media livestream, does not reflect Vought International as a whole.

Vought assures shareholders that we will utilize all of the American Legal System in the face of these fake allegations. We can also confirm that January has been fired, and her status as co-captain of The Seven has been revoked, effective immediately.

January is a glory hound who became hysterical with envy after Homelander's relationship ended. Sadly, her zealous jealousy has spread into insurrectionist territory, making a reconciliation impossible. We ultimately regret making January a member of The Seven.

Our aim is, and always will be, the advancement of the American people and the expansion of liberty throughout the world.

America, please bear with us.


Fisher shared this picture on his own page along with the caption, calling the letter "The Hamada Special. Classic" while including a "laughing" emoji.

The Boys has also used its own narrative to contextualize the situation, introducing an in-universe film that paid direct homage to the Snyder Cut's story becoming a reality in the real world.

The Boys Face a Scandal in the Justice League

Fisher recognizes that The Boys is never a show that shy away from exploring the unclean side of superhero storytelling, sometimes mocking other franchises. Erin Moriarty's Annie January is a two-person band that spoke up against something wrong and are now at the center of controversy thanks to Walter Hamada and Homelander.

Fisher expresses his displeasure directly towards Hamada, as he has done several times in the past couple of years, making it clear that his views toward the issue have not changed.

Fisher may use The Boys for the first time in a while to direct his concerns about Warner Bros. to the general public, although the show does have a lot of corruption in its own narrative that might relate to Fisher's concerns, but it becomes yet another tool in his arsenal as he continues to express his anger and frustration at the studio that he feels wronged.

Season 3 of The Boys is now available on Amazon Prime. Zack Snyder's Justice League will be available for purchase on July 19.

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