Is Cuphead multiplayer available online? How to play remote co-op for DLC in a remote location

Is Cuphead multiplayer available online? How to play remote co-op for DLC in a remote location ...

The Delicious Last Course, the Cuphead DLC, is now available on PC. You will be able to play remote online multiplayer co-op.

The new DLC has a lot to offer. It includes a fresh playable character named Ms. Chalice, as well as a host of brand new and incredible bosses for you to smash your controller over once you die.

The multiplayer features retain much of the same flair that made the base experience so special.

Is there an online multiplayer version of Cuphead?

For the base game or The Delicious Last Course DLC, Cuphead does not offer online multiplayer.

The game does have co-op, but it is purely local. This is a bit disappointing, but that's how the game has been since its inception.

If you want to play with a friend, you'll need an additional controller connected to your device. It's a lot of fun to play with a friend, and the inclusion of local gameplay in modern games is always encouraged.

Nevertheless, for those who may not be able to play across the internet on their PC, there is a way to play across the internet.

What is that? A Cupdate??In preparation for The Delicious Last Course, we have released a small but essential upgrade that will enable Cuphead to launch with the DLC on launch day. It's now available on all platforms. Tomorrow, another helping of all-cartoon action will be

How to Join the Cuphead Co-op on the Internet

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC multiplayer co-op on PC is accessible via Steam Remote Play.

The game supports Steam's Remote Play feature, so it works. Someone must own the game and its DLC, and that person must launch the game, open the Steam overlay, and invite someone from their Friends List to participate in remote co-op.

More information on Remote Play is available on the Remote Play website. If Steam Remote Play does not work, there is also the possibility of Parsec.

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