Moon Tavern Games is a fifth studio from Wildlife Studios

Moon Tavern Games is a fifth studio from Wildlife Studios ...

Moon Tavern Games is the fifth affiliated game development studio founded by Wildlife Studios. As co-founders, Justin Jones and Marta Velasco will lead the studio.

Moon Tavern, based in Austin, Texas, will focus on bringing classic RPGs to mobile devices. Both Jones and Velasco said they want to play games similar to those they loved when they were kids.

Velasco said we both loved video games. I remember being so fascinated with some of them, the color, the characters, and the music. Something that was lost these days. Is it possible to develop a game that will recreate that feeling while still being accessible on your phone?

Jones said, "We want to tell stories in a way we haven't seen it done before." We want there to be purpose behind the game in a way we haven't really seen it before. We want the essence of those old games to shine in a different light.

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Never Forget Games, SuperWow! Games, Foxbear Games, and Playabit are some of the company's other studios that offer creative freedom, game modules, a publishing platform, and support to its studios.

Wildlife Studios CEO Victor Lazarte said in a statement, "Were proud of continuing to expand our network of the greatest minds in the gaming industry," and "We're committed to becoming the best place for the world's greatest game creators to experience the full potential of their creativity."

Jones explains how he and his team approach the creative process. What we mean around our studio is that were old people looking for a new adventure, and thats true of apprentices and masters of the craft. Were looking for the right crew to assist in bringing this type of magic into the world.

Velasco said, "We want to make games that people's hearts will appreciate. "Not only in the gameplay, but in the theme of the game, we want you to have things that make you think."

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