Soba raises $13.5 million for no-code game tools for game designers

Soba raises $13.5 million for no-code game tools for game designers ...

Soba has raised $13.5 million to develop a platform that allows anyone to make games for any device using no-code tools. The Web3 platform is designed to enable artists and influencers to create their own games.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Soba's CEO said the multiplayer open-world platform would revolutionize game creation.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round with FTX Ventures, Cherry Ventures, and TQ Ventures. Other investors included creators like Matthew Nadeshot Haag, Tim ClashwithAh Evans, and Alvaro Alvaro845 Gonzalez de Buitrago.

Sobas' aim is to create the most inclusive virtual world, where anyone can express their greatest creativity through game creation. Its objective is to inspire and enable more gamers to become independent creators.

2022 MetaBeat

On October 3-4 in San Francisco, CA, MetaBeat will bring together metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and do business.

Paananen said the main thing we're going to do is create an open world. It's about constructing tools where everybody may create games. And with this, we're going to build their own sustainable economy.

Paananen envisions a future where more people participate in creation rather than just consumption. He believes such a world would be much more inspiring.

Soba is changing this. In the past, artists had to know how to program multiplayer games to play with your friends. Game creation software is limited to PCs that not everybody has access to, and the game development tools tend to feel cumbersome and require a significant amount of effort.

Juha Paananen, the brother of Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, and Florian Odronitz co-founded the company.

Paananen was previously a cofounder of Nonstop Games, an HTML5 game company that was bought by King. He also invested in Cherry Ventures in Berlin, before deciding to quit working on anything. He teamed up with Odronitz and they opened the company in 2019.

Creators may create their own game by adding and configuring elements created by others or by visualizing custom logic without the need to know any programming language. It allows artists to construct various games, from platformers to shooters, in many different styles.

Soba is available for free on mobile, PC, and Mac, with additional platforms coming in the future. As accessibility is of major concern to Soba, players will be able to use the entire suite of game-creation tools on their phones as well.

We were so excited to give Soba to the first group of creators and players, said Paananen. At the same time, we believe that everyone should be able to create games and establish rules of play. We are using Web3 to develop the most creator-friendly gaming platform and were honored to have been backed by an incredible group of creators and investors.

Paananen is aware that Roblox is the 800-pound gorilla in the space, and maybe Minecraft is the 600-pound gorilla. However, he noted that the creators do not receive a lot of revenue from current games.

We'll work on a platform experience. Some of that might be like showcase experiences. But im 100% sure that the best games will come from the users.

Moving to Web3

Paananen believes that too much attention has been paid to studying economics, yet not enough attention is given to developing engaging games.

He stated that fun is where the game starts. Web3 is enabling a global payment system. We are not developing play-to-earn games. We want to create something that is sustainable. We think there should be stronger monetization structures for the creators.

Soba is gradually moving towards Web3 and incorporating blockchain elements in order to provide the best environment for creators. Many creators are finding it difficult to make returns for the effort and effort they invest.

As a result, Web2 artists face the danger of losing their content and following because they do not have true ownership of their profiles. Through Web3, Soba will enable both creators and players to own their digital assets, such as NFTs, and they will also be able to transfer those assets to and from other projects.

Juha Paananen and the Soba team are gratified to have their support, and we trust their knowledge to help them develop a fun open-world gaming platform where Web3 can add value to both players and creators, according to Amy Wu, a shareholder at FTX Ventures.

Soba is prioritizing its product and offering players the possibility to experience the game without the need to own tokens, according to Paananen. The game will be available to anyone who wants to play or make games.

Soba is breaking the mold for new game designers by constructing a simple but extremely powerful no-code game builder and allowing its creators to control what they produce, according to Paul Murphy, partner at Lightspeed Ventures.

There are a few changes happening, according to Paananen. Gaming has gone worldwide, with more than $200 billion in revenue expected this year. The creator economy has also gone worldwide, and the trend toward providing no-code tools has gained momentum.

He said that I have a mathematical background, but these people do not write code. I think the no-cod movement is interesting. We want people to see their inspirations come alive.

The company is focusing on the PC and Mac first, and plans to add iOS and Android.

Although it's still small, people are extremely excited about what they can create, Paananen said. We've enabled a lot more people to develop things without using previous software. People who might have tried Roblox and Unity now have a chance to try something different.

Paananen shook his head when I asked if he intended to disrupt companies like Supercell.

According to him, the market is vast.

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