The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review is growing and better

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review is growing and better ...

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is exactly what you want from a Monster Hunter expansion. On top of this, Capcom has made some stunning quality of life improvements. Lets examine the future challenges awaiting us at Elgado Outpost.

The case so far

After you complete the majority of the basic story of the base game, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes place. You are the famous hunter from Kamura village. You conquered all of the evil spells of the rampage and the new monsters appearing to terrify your home. Narwa who? Exactly. Everything is fine around the village until you receive word of a messenger.

Dame Fiorayne, a knight from an unknown kingdom, has first appeared in your village to solicit assistance for her people. You travel to the Elgado Outpost with her to investigate strange disturbances. It's more enjoyable to see the new content than to read about it here.

What's new in this sector?

Sunbreak meets all of those requirements and adds new abilities to the game, no matter what the game. We will not be revealing anything here since it is for the enjoyment of the players.

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First up, one of my favorite new games is the follower collaboration quests. These are specially designed quests that you bring along with you while you meet the people of Elgado Outpost and get to know them. Unlike multiplayer quests, you can bring both a palamute and a palico to assist in the hunt.

The ability to modify silkbind abilities on the fly is another new feature. This is a great way to personalize your hunter. Be sure to add an alternate skill set to your character and you'll be able to go back and forth at will! Each of the games 14 weapons includes new abilities.

The new levels for Sunbreak are quite extensive. As with the base game, these maps have a lot of verticality. Each has plenty of room to explore with hidden passages and hidden passageways.

Life is full of good things.

Capcom exploits the potential of expansions in order to improve the game experience. For the most part, all of the feedback and play data they collected during the initial release has led to improvements. That is certainly the case with Sunbreak.

Im going to begin with my favorite feature, hands down: You can now climb cliff faces using your stamina. This one change makes the map much easier to navigate. In the base game, you had to use wirebugs; at most you could have three wirebugs, requiring some creative placement to get up to some of the higher spots in the game.

Palicos may acquire new abilities, also called secret support abilities, to assist during your hunt. For instance, the healing palico may acquire the new ability Healing Clover Bat, which attaches to the hunter and heals the monster over time.

This expansion covers more things than would be reasonable to cover here. Including gambling on your dango skill levels with hopping skewers and changes to the lottery, this expansion touches a lot of systems. Did I mention that you can now save your radial menu to your item loadouts now? Almost every part of Sunbreak has an improvement over the base game.

The next hunt and the hunt after it

I can honestly say that the new expansion has been one of my favorite game expansions in recent history. I look forward to continuing my adventures with my friends, taking on new challenges, and reaping the rewards. Good day, hunters.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be available on Switch and PC on June 30. Capcom provided us a PC code for this review.

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