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YouTube Temporarily Blocked Trump's Channel

YouTube Temporarily Blocked Trump's Channel

The YouTube channel of the current US President Donald Trump has received the first warning, for at least seven days, Trump will not be able to publish new content, according to a YouTube message on Twitter. Earlier, the president's accounts were blocked by Twitter and Facebook after the riots on Capitol Hill in Washington, which were staged by Trump supporters on the day of the approval of the results of the presidential election.

The video hosting company also removed new videos on Trump's channel and disabled comments indefinitely due to "concerns about violence."

Presidential elections were held in the United States on November 3. On December 15, the electoral college confirmed Biden's victory. He received 306 electoral votes with the required minimum of 270, while incumbent President Donald Trump officially scored only 232 votes. On January 6, the US Congress approved Biden's victory. Trump does not recognize the results of the vote and claims that they were rigged.

On January 6, Trump supporters gathered for a demonstration in support of him in Washington. They stormed the US Congress building and interrupted a meeting at which the results of the elections held in the country were to be approved. Five people were killed in clashes with police. Later, Congress approved Biden's election as President of the United States. After storming the Capitol, Democrats in Congress accused Trump of sedition and demanded his impeachment.

Twitter announced the decision to permanently block Trump's account on January 9, citing concerns that the president would incite citizens to violence. The management of the social network concluded that the statements of the US leader that he will not attend the inauguration of the newly elected head of state Joe Biden, "are very likely to encourage and inspire people to repeat the criminal actions that took place in the US Capitol on January 6, 2021."

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