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The US Has Determined A Possible Insurer Of The Nord Stream 2

The US Has Determined A Possible Insurer Of The Nord Stream 2

The US authorities have identified a European company that can act as an insurer of Nord Stream 2, and now it may be under the impact of new US sanctions imposed against the project. We are talking about the Swiss Zurich Insurance Group, which can contribute to the completion of the construction of the gas pipeline, according to Reuters.

According to the agency, the State Department will publish a list of companies that, in its opinion, are involved in the project on January 14-15. In addition to insurers, it can include certifiers of equipment and structures directly involved in laying pipes.

The fact that Zurich Insurance Group can become the main insurer of Nord Stream-2, Bloomberg, citing sources, wrote back in November 2020. But then the company said that they do not discuss their cooperation with specific clients and always work within the established rules. The insurer did not respond to a new request from journalists.

In December, the US Congress agreed on new sanctions against the project, which threaten companies that help complete the project. As a result, Nord Stream 2 refused to be certified by the Norwegian company DNV GL. Its certificate is required for the object to start working. In January, it became known that the United States sent out threats to European companies at the beginning of the new year, warning them that they would face sanctions for supporting the Russian gas pipeline.

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