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A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Start Testing This Summer In Israel

A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Start Testing This Summer In Israel

Israeli scientists will begin testing a coronavirus vaccine in humans in the summer, the Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday, citing the Israeli vaccine development company MigVax.

According to MigVax, in May, the developers of the vaccine will test its effectiveness and safety in rodents, and the first stage of clinical trials of the vaccine in humans will begin in the summer and will last from six to nine months.

According to MigVax senior researcher Itamar Shalit, after the clinical trials, the company, together with the regulatory authorities, will determine the following actions. He noted that due to the multi-million dollar demand," large capacities will be required for the production of vaccines."

"It is important to understand that in order to suppress the coronavirus and return to normal life, you need to invest in a vaccine that is really effective," Shalit said. "As soon as we get an effective vaccine, it's time to get out of the pandemic and return to normal life."

According to the newspaper, MigVax intends to adapt the previously created vaccine against avian infectious pneumonia into an oral vaccine against COVID-19, since these diseases have a genetic similarity and identical mechanism of infection. It is reported that such a vaccine will provide a comprehensive response to the immune system.

According to the Jerusalem Post, citing company data, the vaccine does not include the virus itself, so it is safe for use by people with reduced immunity. The company noted that using bacterial fermentation, millions of doses of the vaccine can be manufactured at a minimal cost.

The day before, MigVax reported receiving $12 million in investment to develop a vaccine.

In addition, from April 23, human clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine will begin in the UK. Scientists plan to test the vaccine on about 500 volunteers by mid-May, and if all goes well, the testing will be extended to thousands of others who want to.

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