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The Project To Launch Missiles From The Floating Platform "Sea Launch" Will Be Frozen

The Project To Launch Missiles From The Floating Platform "Sea Launch" Will Be Frozen

S7 company has frozen the implementation of the project to launch missiles from the Sea Launch floating platform due to the economic situation in the air transport market against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.

As stated by the head of the company Vladislav Filev in an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant," now S7 is not up to it.

"We delivered the complex to Vladivostok, delivered the command ship, and the launch platform. Today we have no opportunity to do anything, so we have frozen the program until better times. However, when we agreed on the transportation of the complex to Russia, I was told that the accommodation conditions would be no worse than in America... It didn't happen: from a financial point of view, it's twice as bad," Filev said.

He explained that it is about payments for port infrastructure and Parking. The head of the Corporation did not tell about the carrier rocket chosen for launches from the platform since he is not engaged in this project.

In March, the launch platform and Assembly and command vessel for the Sea launch cosmodrome Sea Launch Commander arrived in the far East. The Sea launch cosmodrome arrived in Primorye from the United States.

Sea Launch Commander was launched in 1997. The vessel is intended for Assembly and testing of launch vehicles launched from the Sea launch cosmodrome. The complex was used for 34 launches of Ukrainian missiles with satellites in the interests of various foreign customers in the period from 1999 to 2014. Three of them ended in accidents. The complex was located in the United States, going out to conduct launches in the Pacific ocean.

In 2018, S7 Group acquired the Sea Launch platform. The holding company acquired the Sea Launch Commander ship, the Odyssey platform with the rocket segment equipment installed on them, the ground equipment at the base port of long beach (USA), and the intellectual rights owned by Sea Launch, including the trademark.

Later it became known that the "Sea launch" will be relocated to the territory of the Russian Federation from California, for this purpose all the necessary permits were obtained to change the location, including from the US State Department. The company reported that after the transition, the launch platform and the Assembly and command vessel will be temporarily based at the Slavyansk shipyard in the port of Slavyanka.

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