The 75 Best Heart Tattoos for Men

The 75 Best Heart Tattoos for Men ...

Heart tattoos come in many sizes, colors, and designs. Both men and women have had hearts, but the best heart tattoo designs are more about love, friendship, compassion, and life. While some men may wonder whether a heart tattoo on the chest or a small and simple heart on the wrist is masculine enough, the most badass ink ideas are all about finding something special.

Whether you want a heart tattoo on your shoulder, arm, back, wrist, hand, finger, neck, or leg, these fantastic and unique designs will be great inspiration for your future.


Heart Tattoo Meaning

The heart has two meanings in ancient and modern art. This can manifest a positive or negative feeling depending on the structure. Here are the meanings of different heart tattoos.

Heart tattoos for men are used to express their love for someone. It is not limited to romantic relationships. You may use the heart to manifest your love for your partner or your family. It has a rich history and its meaning hasn''t been altered since then.

The broken heart is a common sense of sadness, anger, or denial over the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one. It can be a constant reminder of lost love, yet it may be useful to never take true love for granted.

When tattooing something on your body, the heart doesn''t always have to mean something. If you are interested in anatomical design and biomechanical art, then a real heart tattoo can simply be a decorative piece on your chest that has no meaning whatsoever. After all, a realistic heart tattoo may be a terrible 3D design if your artist is capable of making it come alive.

Cool Heart Tattoo Ideas

Placement is all about getting any cool mens tattoo. Check out these unique heart tattoos on the chest, arm, forearm, hand, back, shoulder, and wrist!

Chest heart tattoos are a means of being able to express love and suffering. You may make them as large and as detailed as you wish. Heart tattoo designs without meaning also look badass on the chest.

Heart tattoos on the arms are always great because everyone can notice them at any time. If you want everyone to know that youre infatuated with your partner and youre off the market, heart tattoos with names in visible places make a statement.

The heart on my sleeve tattoo idea can express compassion and empathy. In some cases, the half and full sleeve may provide a large canvas to complete with several themed tattoos, thus reducing the need for detailed artwork and cool 3D effects.

The neck is great for both subtle and in-your-face tattoos. As not all men accept that hearts can be manly when done right, you might consider it a suitable location for a heart tattoo. Put it close enough to your collar bone and only your closest friends will be able to see it.

You may see too many heart tattoos on the back that express love and admiration. This means these should be in plain sight, but there isn''t room for heart tattoos on the back.

There are a few fantastic designs that depict a beating 3D heart as you see it through a hole in your chest or back. If that isn''t badass enough, try combining the arm, shoulder, back, and chest for an amazing heart tattoo design.

Best Heart Tattoo Designs

Discover these amazing heart tattoo designs for men, from small and medium to outlined, colorful, red and tribal.

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